stoopid TV ads

We've all seen those TV ads for the "Geniebra"?
There's another one with the same bra under a different name...

Anyway, there's a bit where a woman is struggling to fit into a bra that's clearly several sizes too small,
and the voice over says "don't waste lots of dollars on a bra that doesn't fit" (or something like that), to which I always reply, (What!! We all talk back to the TV...) "no, spend lots of dollars on a bra that does fit. You'll be more comfortable and look better."
The ad also mentions underwire that digs in, "extra" boobs caused by too small cups...

Really, what woman in her right mind goes out and buys just any old bra, no matter how pretty, without trying it on, or at least checking the size tag.
So do the right thing and get properly fitted or measured and buy what's suitable for your figure.

And you'll have no need to waste your money on something that looks like a glorified elastic band.


  1. We do all talk back to the commercials don't we? Or is it just us?

  2. It isn't just the commercials. I find it very difficult to watch any political news without adding my two cents worth - or just hissing from the corner.
    And you are so right about those bras - and I didn't think that all of the people in their before and after shots did look better in the 'after' pose.

  3. All commercials leave a lot to be desired to the point i just shake my head and snicker :-).

  4. Yep, we argue back at the tv, too lol.

    Love your Halloween decs :)

  5. Hahahaha I love you. This is SO true. I have done, thought and said exactly that to this ridiculously see-through marketing "ploy"!

  6. Delores; yes, we do. A lot.

    EC; I don't watch the news, political or otherwise. I know I should, but it just makes me feel bad...

    Windsmoke; some of them are funny, but most wouldn't make me rush out and buy their product.

    Jayne; TV ads certainly raise a few hackles. Those Halloween decorations stayed up until I moved house. About five years I think. I still have them except for the ghoul.

    Being Me; thank you, I love you too. So many ads are ridiculously transparent.

  7. No way on God's earth is any David Jones matron going to 'fit' me for a bra. I'll take my chances thank you. I never try anything on. As a consequence the Smith Family often get gear still with the label attached

  8. Baino; tsk tsk. You don't need to get fitted every time. Once is usually enough to give an indication of which size and style fits best on you.
    At least try them on in the fitting room before buying them. Buying bras just to give them to the Smith Family seems like a colossal waste of money. To me anyway.

  9. I ALWAYS talk to my TV!

    Can't wait until the marketing fad of "but you're all stupid!" goes away...


  10. I have to admit, I've never been fitted. Too shy!

    BUT, I do always try them on before I buy them.

    Having said that, I've gone and ordered one of these sets - not sure if it'll be exactly the same as the TV ones but Catch of the Day had them for about 1/3 of the price so I've decided to try them - hoping they'll make a decent "around home" bra.

    And yes, those stupid infomercials do tend to treat viewers like they're absolute idiots. I'm a bit over them really. They should go back to middle of the night instead of being on in prime time and during the day.

  11. Pearl; that fad will probably never go away. I think it's part of an Alien Master Plan to dumb us down so "they" can take over....

    Lightening; I was always shy about being fitted too, so I've only done it once. I paid fairly close attention to how she was fitting me, noting how much give there was in straps etc, now I do that myself when trying on.
    Infomercials are the main reason why I watch so many dvds, the other reason being there is nothing worth watching anyway, except the new seasons of my favourites. And the occasional movie.


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