daylight saving....(whinge, whinge, whinge)....

.....foisted upon us many years ago by our government for the summer months, has gradually been extended until it now covers all of spring, as well as summer.

That's six full months.

As far as I'm concerned, that's way too long.
I wasn't happy with the original short arrangement, I've never been a fan of daylight saving.

Now that I have to put up with it for a full six months, I may just go crazy.
Okay, crazier.
Since I already went crazy with it last spring/summer.

I really don't see the point.
Apparently it's to give people a chance for more of a social life after work.
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't people somehow manage to have perfectly satisfactory social lives before daylight saving was even a thought in someone's brain?
Really, if people want to socialise, they'll do it. Whatever the weather or the time on the clock.

For me, getting home from work and having x number of hours before the sun goes down is enough, I don't need  x +1.
At the end of a long hot day, I just want that glaring sun to go down.
I'm not one of those who goes out and gambols about in every available minute of sunshine.
I did that when I was 10 and I'm over it.
And to have to put up with it for an extra three months is almost unbearable.

I know that many of you are happy to see the summer months and love the extra hour of daylight, and that's okay. For you.

Me? I'm more than happy to live in the "dark ages" as it were. Regular times, no daylight saving, just the time honored sunup and sundown.


  1. WA has had FOUR refendums on DLS, and every one of them has lost.
    We had to endure a three year trial of it, and at the end a lot of people who'd been previously in favour, voted NO.
    I <3 WA! DLS drove me mental. For the last year of the trial, I refused to put my clock back.

  2. I hate having to work out the time difference.

    We actually have people in south Qld saying they should get daylight savings {as in split Qld into two time zones for a period of time every year! WTF!!} because they are close to NSW where they have DLS. OMG. Really. Think people.

  3. I grew up with daylight savings so, while it was a nuisance trying to remember to change the clocks, it was an accepted practice. THEN the powers that be decided we should change our clocks on the same day the Excited States changes theirs. Now not only is it a nuisance, no one can remember when to change our clocks or even when we USED to change our clocks. Oh well, it's a break from our usual conversations about the weather eh?

  4. I am quite happy with it being dark in the morning when I look my worst and bright in the evening when I can sit and look out the windows.

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  7. What I find weird is that DLS or no, SA persists in staying 30 mins behind the eastern states! Could understand if it were an hour, but 30mins? Hardly worth the bother!! Or is that just me??

  8. I agree with Red. It is silly to have a different time of thirty minutes.

  9. HI, Daylight savings time was instituted by US president Roosevelt during the Great Depression of the 1930s, to save electricity i the evening and to give the farmers more time in the afternoon to get in the hay before dark. It was very popular and the US has extended it so that now we have Daylight Saving from April 1 to November 1. Of course, you have it opposite from us in the northern hemisphere. Being a farmer, I love it. We don't need the daylight in the morning.

  10. Another non fan adding her two cents worth here. In the heat of summer I want it to be starting to cool down before I start preparing dinner. And it starts too early and goes on for toooooo long. Humph.

  11. Toni; I wish we'd had referendums, (maybe we did?) then I could put a big fat red NO on them.

    Melissa; I don't bother working out time differences because I don't have to phone interstate at all. email crosses all time barriers.

    Delores; we get told when to change our clocks, there's an announcement on the TV news and one in the paper too.

    Andrew; I'm happy with dark mornings too, but I also like darker evenings. Glare does my head in.

    Red Nomad; we're weird here in SA. Just look at the kerfuffle with the plastic bags. We were supposed to get rid of them, but what do we have instead? Plastic bags that you have to pay for and people buy them. Pfft!

    Andrew; agreed

    Anonymous; I had a vague memory of that being the case and for farmers I suppose it does make sense.

    EC; another good point. I suspect this is why fast food places do so well, no-one wants to be in the kitchen cooking while it's still so hot, so they all go out for burgers etc. It does go on waaaay too long. I think we should have just stuck with the three summer months.

  12. River, move to Perth. That will solve all the issues. We don't have it ;) xxx

  13. Sarah; that would mean an awfully long train ride just to get to work every day......ha ha. My brother used to live in Perth, now he lives in Fremantle.

  14. For someone who isn't a big fan of the sun, you're preaching to the choir.

    Fickle Cattle

  15. Fickle Cattle; welcome to drifting. I've had a quick look at your blog, I'll be back later.


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