the friendly blogger award

Delores, over at  The Feathered Nest,  has awarded me with this---->

The Friendly Blogger Award.

I have to say, I'm tickled pink!

To accept this, all I have to do is link back to Delores, then award this to other bloggers that I think deserve it.

Well, here goes,

Blurb from The Burbs

Good Googs

Frog Ponds Rock

Sleepless Nights

Dancing With Frogs

High Riser

Wrestling With Retirement

Chick Chat

Our Great Southern Land

Suger Coat It

Mummy Mayhem

Pearl-Why You Little...

The Plastic Mancunian


You're all super friendly,  so take this award, please.
You all deserve it.


  1. It's true. I am friendly.


    I will accept this award in the name of friendly folk worldwide -- and link your blog to it. Thanks, River!


  2. Thanks River - you are a real treasure and I'm not surprised that you got the award originally!

  3. What a truly well deserved award. You are a gem, and so deserve this. As do the bloggers on your list that I know, and I will track the others down later.

  4. Thanks River. The nice ones do win at times.

  5. Thanks River, I'll put away the Bex and forget the lie down but I'll have the cup of tea while I get down to blogging again.

  6. Pearl; I know you don't generally accept awards, but I just had to include you.

    Kath; you, my friend, are one of the world's most friendly people. if it weren't for you I may never have started this blog.

    EC; I forgot to put your name on the list. (my phone rang) Please take this award for yourself too.

    Andrew; Thank you too, your blog is always a friendly read.

    JahTeh; another of the world's gems, that's you. The second person who started me on this blogging trip.

  7. EC; you're welcome

    Rubye Jack; you can take the award too, you're very friendly.
    I think I should have just said everyone on my sidebar can accept this.

  8. Hi River,

    Congratulations on your award and many thanks for awarding it to me.





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