'cos the times they are a'changing..

As you'll all notice I've switched to a pop-up comment window.

Apparently pop-up comment windows are the ones that people are able to leave comments on, not the embedded below post ones.

Since I love my comments, I've made the switch.
It's dead easy.

Go to your dashboard page, select settings, from the tool bar across the top (in your settings seection) choose comments, then scroll down to where it has the selection for the type of comments box you want. Click the little circle that says pop-up box, scroll down to "save settings" and wait while it makes the change.

Then you're finished and your blog will now have a pop-up comment box.



  1. good work....I love poking around and trying new things on blogger.

  2. I'm glad you changed its going to make commenting much easier, just like you i like my comments to :-).

  3. Thanks River. I will have to give it a try. I too am partial to comments.

  4. Delores; I might try a full page comment window soon, to see how that works. Changing is so very easy. Months ago I would have been afraid to try in case I broke something.

    Windsmoke; the comments are the connections to my friends. Without them I might just as well be writing in an exercise book.

    EC; a blog without comments isn't much fun.

  5. THANK YOOUUUUUU!!!! I'VE MISSED COMMENTING SO VERY MUCH!!! You've had rockin' posts lately too. :)

  6. The pop up thingie is way easier ;)

  7. Happy Elf; you're welcome.

    Jayne; agreed.

  8. And about time! Now if I could just remember every comment I wanted to leave.

    Word Verification is dement but it should come with an 'ed' as that was me trying to comment.


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