a specific request-lava lamp

Anyone who has been reading here for a while knows that I live in Adelaide.

So I'm wanting replies from other Adelaideans.

Of course you interstate people can chip in too, but I don't think overseas answers will be much help.

How many of you remember those Lava Lamps that were so popular way back in the 70's?

I have a son who loves those things and I'd like to buy him one for Christmas this year.
I'd  prefer a brand new one,  but I don't know where to get one.

I've tried places like K-Mart, Target, Cheap-as-Chips with no luck.
I'd rather not go to e-bay, I've heard bad things......

So here's my question.
Where in Adelaide,  (or possibly Melbourne, Sydney, other cities),  can I buy a Lava Lamp?


  1. I remember seeing them at KMart in Firle?

  2. Do you have Beacon Lighting? That is where ours came from but it was ten years ago. But I have never had problems with buying and selling on Ebay. Anon's offer is generous, but I think you need to pay more. Our lava lamp cost more than that and it is not very good. The bulb blows often and it does not get hot enough, meaning it takes ages to get going and then does not work well. In the seventies I bought my mother one and it was excellent.

  3. Anon; welcome to drifting. Will email you about the lamp.

    Kath; I checked last time I was there and couldn't find any. Can you tell me how to delete a comment?

    Andrew; we don't have Beacon Lighting, we have Decor Lighting a The Light Factory, but I haven't seen lava lamps at either of those. Can you tell me how to delete a comment?

  4. I prefer the vintage ones myself. Hope you get your lamp.

  5. Aha! I managed to delete a comment! Funny how I couldn't work it out before, it's so easy.

  6. Delores; vintage ones would be so hard to find. I thought about trawling through junk shops, but most of them here have gone"upmarket" and are calling themselves antique shops, with prices to match.

  7. http://search.oo.com.au/search?w=lava+lamps&cm_mmc=Google-_-CPC-_-Homewares-_-Lava%20Lamps&gclid=CKf2n4Tj1KsCFS4F4godGBDwOw

    I don't use ebay but I do buy a lot of stuff online, especially at Christmas.

  8. I had the same search last year. I thought there was still some at Kmart. I'm going up to my local one today so will have a look.

  9. I saw a secondhand one for sale not long ago, I can't remember where but it would have been cheap. I'd have got it for you, you poor thing, and given it to you for nix.

  10. Baino; thanks, I'll check that link a bit later today.

    Sarah; seems the lava lamps are still popular, if K-Mart had them and I couldn't find any, clearly people are buying them quickly.

    R.H. That's a lovely offer, thank you so much. I have one coming through the mail from someone else.


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