well colour me stupid

I had to be up early this morning if I wanted to be at work on time, (and I did, I have a good track record there), so I thought I'd watch the Jeff Foxworthy Show while I ate breakfast.
 I haven't seen it in yonks, and Jeff is funny.

So after the fastest shower in history, (my history, not world history), I turned on the TV at 6am to find a commercial playing. One of those info-mercial type things.

For the Magic Bullet.
We've all seen this? Remarkable little machine that does everything a blender would do?
Yep, that's the one.

Well, it just went on and on and on.....

I cooked and ate breakfast, took my vitamins, drank my juice, read a few pages of "The Big Issue", washed my breakfast dishes........the damn thing was still going!!

At 6.30 it finally ended, to be replaced with ads for makeup; weight loss product; Baker's Delight; some car driving in the desert making crop circle designs; an ad for the Australian Red Cross  Blood Service; an ad for the "Homes Under The Hammer" show.

Then the Martha Stewart Show came on.

Wait, that's not right!
Isn't Jeff Foxworthy supposed to be followed by The Six Million Dollar Man??

I checked the TV Guide and found I'd been watching the wrong channel.
Gosh Darn It All!!!
No Jeff Foxworthy for me today.

Jeff is on 7Mate.
I'd been watching Home Shopping on 7Two. 

So I switched over and watched the rest of Jag instead.
Because I don't like Martha Stewart.

In other TV related things, I find it amusing that after watching one of my dvds, the same movie is often on TV within 10 days or so.


  1. You read The Big Issue too? I buy one everytime I can.
    Great cause and a good read too.

  2. Never mind it happens to the best of us :-).

  3. EC; I don't buy every issue, usually if the cover story catches my eye, or if I have the money handy. I like our vendor, he's chatty and nice.

    Rubye Jack; I don't know what it is about Martha, I just can't stand her.

    Windsmoke; a senior moment, ha ha

  4. Magic Bullet, I've heard of these, they can do anything, right?

  5. I remember some ad about a portable tea kettle that can shoot a stream of hot water at stuff. Useful for cleaning the hinges on the back of the potty seat, for sure, but otherwise? Whyyy would you want to buy that contraption?

    You know, though, that someone is making a ton of money on this stuff.

  6. I do that all the time and yes, like you, find that the DVD I recently watched will feature as the movie on telly a couple of days later :)

  7. Farmer's Wifey; I think the only time something like that would come in handy is at a sixties style party, where they had blended pastes of things as dips and crackers spread. Not worth buying in my opinion.

    Happy Elf Mom; I haven't seen that one for a while. I always get a good laugh from how happy those housewives are to have such a totally useless thing.

    Kath; I've checked the TV guide for the rest of the week to see if I can catch Jeff on another day, but no luck, it's all home shopping. Pfft!
    Funny about the movies.....

  8. '
    So I switched over and watched the rest of Jag instead.
    Because I don't like Martha Stewart.'

    her daughter doesn't either, apparently there is a mommy dearest book out.

    I have done that 'wrong channel / wrong day/ old TV guide thing too.
    x x x


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