muffins? no no no

Vegetable fritters.

Baked in a 12 cup muffin pan.

It's a non-stick pan, so I didn't think to grease the cups even a little bit.
Then I allowed the fritters to cool in the pan.
So of course they stuck......

the bottoms of my vegetable fritters looked like this....

...but they were still tasty.

oh, you want the recipe?
Well, there kind of isn't one.

Let's see, grated carrot, finely diced onion, quickly stirfried, let it cool, toss in some grated zucchini, set aside.

Make up a "pancake mix" with less milk, an extra egg, and a sprinkle of white pepper.
Stir in the vegetable mix, pour into the muffin pan cups, bake until cooked through.
I skewer tested  at twenty minutes and they weren't done yet, so back in they went, eventually being done at about thirty minutes.
I had the oven set at 180*C.

Very much a "hit and miss" recipe.
I'd never made these before and I may not make them again.
Then again, they did make a nice change from sandwiches at lunch.
Equally nice hot or cold.

If you don't want to bake them, I suppose you could fry spoonfuls of the mix, just like you would pancakes.
This would result in a flatter fritter, mine were more muffin shaped.


  1. They look good, stuck bottoms or not. And of course they stuck. Non stick pans are fibbers. Often.

  2. What a good idea - I'm going to try that as I struggle to find interesting ways of making something out of eggs, ham, cheese and veges (staples of our diet here). Clever thinking!

  3. Yum!!! I am soooo going to have to try those!!!!

  4. I think I'd like the "flatter fritter" just because I like saying it.

  5. Spray your non stick with vegetable oil and things will never stick. Oh, but I don't cook.

  6. They still look mouth watering and tasty stuck bottoms or not, enjoy :-).

  7. they look yummy...........
    and as the wife of a chef...always always grease your pans!!!;)

  8. They look like a very nice change from sandwiches. Yummers! :)

  9. Yum. Reminds me of zucchini slice which I make in the muffin tin.

  10. EC; yes, my non-stick pan lied to me.

    Kath; next time I'm going to try zucchini and sweet corn, but they'd have to be fresh kernels, nothing canned or rozen.

    Mama's Alphabet Soup; they'd make good finger foods for your boys.

    Delores; I knew somebody would like the flatter fritter!

    Andrew: you don't cook? At all?

    Windsmoke; they were nice, but I think maybe more pepper next time. or a touch of salt.

    peskypixies; I usually grease, but thought I'd try without. I'll never do that again.

    Happy Elf; quick and easy finger foods, easily changed with different ingredients.

    Marita; I think it would be very similar.

  11. Oh, yum. Those look beautiful. I would eat one. Two. I would eat two. Seems like good "we got things to do this morning" food...


  12. see I am commenting River, your blog isnt invisible. xoxox

  13. Pearl; let's eat and get busy type of food.

    frogpondsrock; thank you. I don't know what's happened. I've accessed via no-one's bloglist.


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