Sunday Selections # 40

Welcome to Sunday Selections # 42

As bloggers, most of us have built up picture files of photos we think we might use "one day".
Often as newer photos are added and used, these older files get forgotten about.
They lie dormant on our hard drives, quietly singing to themselves, "what about me, it isn't fair..."

Well, here's your chance to use those forgotten photos.
Have a gander through all those old files and choose one or three or more that heve been there "forever" but unused. You know, because a better idea came along.

Post them on a Sunday, under the Sunday Selections title, then link back to Kim at Frog Ponds Rock,
because this wonderful concept is hers. Then hop on over to Kim's, add your name to her linky list and leave her a comment.
It really is that simple!

For today's selection, I've chosen

I know I've done a tree theme before, but I love trees.....

The needle formation of this tree reminds me of the grass skirts of Hawaii.
Not that I've been there, but I've seen them on TV and in books.

Single pine tree, standing in stately solitude.  (ignore the smaller trees)

Near dusk, these shadowy trees frame the lit window of the house across the road.

Storm damage.

At various points along The Parade, at Norwood, dresses are hung from the trees to advertise an upcoming
fashion parade.

Anyone at all can join in with Sunday Selections, just follow the instructions above the pictures and have fun with it.


  1. Love that needle formation. So elegant.

  2. I like the hanging dresses River. I would like to hang things from the trees here but the closest branches are 20 metres high :(

  3. EC; isn't it? every time I see it I think of Hawaii, or the chorus line at the ballet, I'm sure there's another name for it but all I can think is chorus line.

    Kim; these trees are very high too, the dresses are put up via a cherry picker.

  4. What a fun advertising idea, those dresses in the trees. I love the dramatic light in the solitary (almost) pine tree photo.

  5. MAN I wish I had a Dress Tree in my backyard!!

  6. Bonza photos, i especially like the silhouette of the pine tree in the 2nd photo :-).

  7. Hello..just love that last image with the dresses hanging in the trees..surreal!

  8. I love the trees and the idea of hanging dresses to advertise a fashion parade is perfect!

  9. Carolina; the pine tree photo was taken very early in the morning, about 5.45am, without a flash.

    Toni; evening dress tree? day dress tree? multigraft?

    Windsmoke; that's one of my favourites.

    lynda howells; welcome to drifting. it's a very eyecatching idea. A different set of dresses at every point.

    Jayne; it is a great idea isn't it? The dresses are treated to weatherproof them and some of them are actually made of plastic.

  10. I'm quite partial to the hanging dresses too. Maybe I don't need a washing line, i just need some trees! :)


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