I waited all day for this (possible spoiler content)

Heck, I've been waiting all weekend!

Two weeks ago, channel nine started advertising the new season of The Big Bang Theory.
Season 5.
I love this show!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Big Bang Theory.
Love all the main characters.
Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Rajesh, Penny, Amy, Bernadette.
And Prya, Rajesh's sister.
And the secondary characters.
Stuart, who owns the comic book store, Kripky, from the university, Zack, one of Penny's ex boyfriends.
(I don't love Leonard's mother.....)

I was impatient for the new season to begin.
So last Friday when they finally announced the time slot, I flipped through the TV Guide to the correct page and drew big pink circles around "7.30 - to be advised"
Yes, I have a pink pen and it writes with pink ink.

Tonight was the night.
All day at work I couldn't concentrate properly.
Hayfever and a headache may have had something to do with that.
So, tonight at 7.30pm the new season started.
Not just one new episode, they played two!!
I was so happy!!

I laughed and laughed.
I didn't think it was possible for Sheldon to get any quirkier, but he has.
I wondered about Penny moving back to Nebraska, (as advertised), it didn't happen.
That's a relief, I like Penny.
I'm amused at Amy becoming more and more "normal", well her version of normal anyway.

The only problem now is I have to wait a whole week to see the next episode.
I can watch the reruns, I can watch my dvd copies, but they're not Season 5.....

I don't want to wait a whole week! 
I need my Big Bang Theory!


  1. Amy Farrah Fowler is the best female character on TV at the moment!!

    I love that show so very much as well. It's hard to wait a week between episodes.

  2. Oooooh I am soooooo jealous! We get UK telly here and they're still on season four which we've watched too many times on our own copy.

    My favourite show ever and LC and Sapphire gave me the 'tv test pattern' t-shirt that Sheldon sometimes wears, for my birthday last year.

    Penny Penny Penny!

  3. Sarah; so glad to meet another fan!

    Kath; I've watched season four so much I know it forwards, backwards, inside out. I like Leslie Winkle's t-shirts too. You're going to love season five.

  4. A doco on the beginning of the universe. How interesting. It is good to have something to look forward to, rather than eat all your lollies at once. You will remember each episode better with a week to think about what you have seen. Of course there is Bit Torrent but I don't know how it works.

  5. Knock knock, River/Knock knock, River/ Knock knock, River.....Love Big Bang. There are still a few reruns that I haven't seen. I watch them all.

  6. I have no idea what season we are up to here....but we all love this show....it's probably about the only thing that we all agree on watching

  7. Oh, poop, I missed them and shhhhh, don't tell Feral Teen he missed some NEW Big Bang Theory eps, he's seriously addicted....like you. Because he is Sheldon.

  8. I love 'White Collar' which Ten has put on at 10.30 but only the first episode of the new series. This week it's nowhere to be found.

  9. Kimmie; I'm glad to know you're all fans. At work there's no one I can talk about this with....

    Andrew; it's hardly a doco, so far removed from a doco. It's a comedy..normally I don't mind waiting a week between episodes of something, but not this. I want it all and I want it now!

    Delores, I watch the reruns when they're on, but I also have seasons 1-4 on dvd, so when there's nothing else worth watching, I put them on.

    Katrina; what went on in the last episode you saw? I'll tell you what season you're in. It's the funniest thing on TV in my opinion.

    Jayne; you missed it? YOU MISSED IT?? Oh dear....*whispers* don't tell "Sheldon".

    JahTeh; I haven't heard of White Collar, you'll have to tell me all about it. 10.30 is about my bedtime so I probably won't get a look at it unless they put it on earlier.

  10. you are so adorable.

    I am not going to spoil it for you but there is an ep coming up that has Will Wheton AND Brett Spiner in it and Sheldon was so freaking hilarious I almost wet myself.


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