We all know what they are.
Words that read the same backwards and forwards.

We all use many of them.
madam - refer - civic - mum - dad - pop - level - boob - nun -
radar - noon - glenelg ( a famous Adelaide beach, not so nice now that it's all "touristed" up)

But how many of us notice numerical palindromes?
I like numbers, so when I see these, my mind does a little happy dance.

Many times at work, when I'm totalling a customer's purchases, the sum will be a numerical palindrome.
Ignoring all dollar signs, we have  61.16;   23.32;   18.81;  and the more obvious ones - 33.33;   55.55;   99.99

Dates too have their palindrome list.
This year for example, we have the eleventh of November.
Pretty cool!
here are a few more:-
(I won't write the obvious, the eleventh of almost every month this year)

12-1-21 and the twelfth of almost every month in the year 21 (can't use October)
(You'll notice I'm ignoring the "20" just as in the last century everyone ignored the "19")
Moving on --->

19-1-91,  a year I will never see,
13-8-31,  a year I hope to see
(I'll be 79)

Sequential numbers give me a little happy too.

Last year's  8-9-10  for example.
This year's  9-10-11

 I'm sure you all can come up with more examples


  1. Numbers can be cool. One night while doing the washing up I thought of this gem: If you add the digits together in any multiple of 9, the answer is 9. 2x9=18 (1+8=9), etc, etc.

  2. No doubt it is among your obvious ones for this year but 1-1-11. Fun to out loud very fast.

  3. EC; you're right, I hadn't thought of that in quite a while.

    Andrew; that is fun.

  4. Did you know when watching a movie on DVD your timer counter which is counting either up or down will always display 1 hr 11 minutes 11 seconds :-).

  5. Windsmoke; I didn't know that. My dvd player doesn't have a timer counter.

  6. Have you read Barbara Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible. She plays around with palindromes wonderfully in that gorgeous book.

    I too love the neat sequences of certain numbers and some words.

  7. Elisabeth; I've never even heard of the Poisonwood Bible. I'll make a note of it and search the libraries.

  8. You won't regret it, River. Barbara Kingsolver is a fantastic writer.

  9. One of my sister's friends is getting married at 11.11 on 11.11.11.
    I think that's very cool!

  10. Hi River,

    Your post reminded me of how Adam introduced himself to Eve in the Garden of Eden.

    He said

    "Madam, I'm Adam!"




  11. Sleepydwarf; one of my family members has that exact birthday.

    Plasman; I'd forgotten about that one! now I'm smiling.

  12. I always hated maths, but being born on the 3rd of the month meant that seeing numbers as threes or divisible by three has been a lifelong habit.


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