just for you JahTeh!

Hi JahTeh, I think you'll get a smile from this.

I spotted it from the bus the other day and when I went the same way again later in the week,  (okay, today), I had my camera ready.
Got off at the correct stop and took these photos.

 Peeking over the fence...

....the Brick OutHouse!!

(P.S. if your nephew is offended by this, I apologise.)

You don't see many brick outhouses these days; even in the past most were galvanised iron or wooden structures.
I bet they wouldn't have lasted as well as this brick one did.
I wonder if it is still in use and whether it is still a toilet or just a handy storage space.

We'll probably never know.


  1. Oh, how very modern. It has a stink pipe rising on the side.

  2. Andrew; much more modern than the one we had where the stink was removed by leaving the door open.

  3. That's an item not too many people know about these days. My girlfriend called from her daughters and said they were going out to look for an energy efficient toilet. I asked, "What, an out-house?" We laughed but her daughter didn't think we were funny. Guess it's like you have to had been there.:)


  4. The one I liked best belonged to some farming friends. It was set on a hillside and had a leadlight window from a church instead of a door. Beautiful when the light was right. But yes, they did often stink.

  5. Manzanita; out here not many people know what an outhouse is, but mention the "backyard dunny" and everyone knows what you mean!

    EC; I think a leadlight window would be fantastic! And what a view up on a hillside.

  6. When I was a kid that's what we had..only ours was frame..friends had a two seater. I just couldn't imagine company in there.

  7. Haha! You'd soon know if it was in use or not by taking a little peek more closely over the fence! Or even sneak in there - or at least close enough to tell if there's any odour! That'd give it away pretty quick!!

  8. Well spotted as an outside dunny is very rare these days especially in the suburbs :-).

  9. Delores; the only time I can think of where a two seater would be handy is when a parent is showing a toilet-traing child how it's done.

    Red; there's no way to sneak in, I could probably hang around all day listening for a flush.....

    Windsmoke; Ususally when I'm on the bus, I'm looking out the opposite window, but this time I was sitting on the left side, so that's how I spotted it.

  10. Well spotted, they're as rare as hen's teeth these days!

  11. Love it! .... there's still quite a few in Flemington's old laneways...


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