ugh! the frizzies!

It's raining here in Adelaide.
Not a lot, but enough to wet the ground and need an umbrella.
Today's rain was more of the misting down kind, at least it was while I was waiting for the bus.
As the bus pulled up, I closed my umbrella in preparation for getting on, but the driver was a tad slow in opening the doors.
So my hair got misted on.
Just enough to make it frizz.
I spent my entire shift at work with my head looking like I was wearing a steel wool wig.
Luckily there are no mirrors at the checkouts, so I couldn't see myself.


  1. You have forgotten about Richard Hudnut.

  2. Andrew; who the heck is Richard Hudnut???
    Oh wait, is that R.H.? and I don't see the connection.

  3. I like those misty days, it puts some curl in my hair.

  4. and THAT's why I hate getting rained on! My hair -- a coarse, wiry conglomeration -- becomes positively riotous on rainy days. And not in a cute, curly-headed way but in a "hmm. that's unfortunate" sort of way".

    The flat-iron is one of my favorite things...


  5. Days like this make my hair curl up and actually look pretty good. With age and thinning hair anything extra is a blessing. Ha.

  6. Hi River,

    Welcome to my world - my hair is like that ALL THE TIME.




  7. I'm with PM. And sometimes it is worse. Sigh.

  8. Delores; I have enough curl, mostly waves though. Mist doesn't bring much more curl, just makes it look like I forgot the smoothing conditioner.

    Pearl; my hair is soft and fine, (thanks mum), a little curl, some big waves, really, I wish it would do one or the other...anyway, moisture from mist etc makes each individual hair look like it's had a mild electric shock. I've never bothered to straighten it, although I've often wanted to.

    Rubye Jack; If mine would just curl properly, I wouldn't mind so much I think, but this half and half curl/wave thing just looks worse when it's rain frizzed. I should get a decent cut, but I'm growing it back instead. I miss my ponytail.

    Plasman; my hair is nowhere near as curly as yours. I'm not sure if I'm thankful or jealous.

    EC; You're a curly head too? Like Shirley Temple ringlets?

  9. Don't like those drizzly days!

    PS - I've been meaning to come by and say you've won one of those Garnier skin cream packs from my blog! Can you please email me your postal address so I can have it sent? Thanks! (

  10. If there is any humidity in the air, yup Shirley Temple (greying) ringlets.

  11. I really really don't like moisture-in-the-air days. My hair takes on water like the Titanic *minor.. ok major...exaggeration perhaps* and is very curly when wet. That misty rain you describe is probably my least-liked weather.

    p.s. the word-verification for this comment was "pzazin". What your hair needed....???

  12. Megan; oooh! Thank you! I'll email immediately.

    EC; this humidity curl club is quite a big one isn't it?

    Being Me; You too? gosh, we should all get together on a misty day and take photos...we could use them to scare kids into being good. You know, "if you're naughty, you'll end up looking like this..." Ha Ha.

  13. Andrew; I've just googled Richard Hudnut, now I remember who he is.


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