I'm back!

I'm ba-a-a-ack!!
(sing song)
and I'm so relieved!

Wish I knew what was going on, but I'm so glad to be back here.
I had a message from blogger asking me to verify who I was, which I did, and then I was able to access the blog again.

I'm sure you're all just as happy as I am, I'm grinning from ear to ear.
Now I can eat....


  1. Awww just got your email. Glad it's back. Change your google password just in case and go into the back end and backup your blog!

  2. That gave me a fright! Why will they do that???? When it is obvious you have been accessing your blog regularly.

  3. Whoo hoo! Still wondering what the hell happened at your end though!

  4. That's so weird that it would just disappear. Anyway, I'm glad you were able to get it back.

  5. Baino; I'll back it up as soon as I figure out how. Jayne sent me a link to follow, I'll do that. Maybe back it up on usb too.

    Joni Llanora; scary indeed, I thought someone might be trying to steal my identity, steal "me".

    Kath; it's possibly an ISP glitch or a Blogger glitch, but I'm back now and that's the important thing. Scary though.

    Jayne; thanks.

    Rubye Jack; weird is right, scary too. In these days of identity theft, blog theft is just as bad. It seems to have been some kind of glitch somewhere.

    it appears that mine was not the only blog to disappear, Tina informs me that messages on twitter are from others who's blogs vanished. I hope they all get their blogs back as quickly and easily as I did mine.

  6. oops, that should be "whose" not "who's".

  7. Okay, I was going to do this tomorrow, but decided not to wait. I've downloaded my blog to my hard drive. Tomorrow I'll save it to my external hard drive, and maybe burn it to discs as well. That way I'll have several copies should anyhting go wrong in the future.

  8. Look at 'er mind. Downloading to HD. Burning discs. External hard drives. What a lass.

    I know of someone who's/whose blog disappeared for six months, and then came back. Who's/whose, you must have watched Media Watch Monday night.

  9. Glad ya back up and running i'll be backing up my blog too :-).

  10. Welcome back. Now I have to learn how to backup my blog too. I bookmarked the link Jayne sent, and will read it and try and digest it later.

  11. Andrew; 6 months?? Geez, I'm glad mine only went for an hour or so.
    I never watch Media Watch, don't even know what it is. I should probably check it out.

    Windsmoke; backing up is a great idea. I always meant to do it.

    EC; go to your dashboard page, click on settings, I think it's the top link that says "import/export your blog" choose export and when the window opens, select save and it will download to your hard drive. To your document files and from there you can save it to an external hard drive if you have one, mine is a "passport" (320GB).


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