Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

taste testing

A few weeks ago I spotted this Lemon Tart in the freezer section of Coles.  Only $5 too.
I like lemony things, so I bought one to try.

The picture on the box looks nice....

and I liked the description of the filling.

The tart is wrapped in plastic, (but that picture wouldn't load), and sits on a small circle of cardboard.

 it's not bad....the pastry is a bit thicker and firmer than I would make, more like a frozen shortcrust than a fresh homemade, but nice enough.

 The filling is nice. Lemony and creamy, with a sprinkling of icing sugar.

Mmm. I'd buy this again and I wouldn't hesitate to serve it to visitors.
Recommended? Yes.


  1. Looks yummmy. Colourful plate to :-).

  2. Windsmoke; I like colourful plates. They add to the eye appeal of the food.

  3. Love your pics River.
    It sounds delicious ! Was this an in between ?

    You reminded me ...
    Book 11 - Guy Grossi and Jan Mc Guiness have the most divine sounding and looking Lemon Tart.It came out today.

    The quote also at the top always makes me smile.

  4. Trish; it started as dessert, then the leftovers became the next day's in between.
    Book 11? oh! your mini recipe books collection.
    It's one of my favourite quotes.

    mybabyjohn; cheap and tasty is always a good deal.

  5. Mmmm. You can't go wrong with lemon.

    I don't think we have that here (Minneapolis) but if we DID, I would buy one. And eat it. In two days.

    Not even quarter to eihgt in the morning here and I'm thinking about dessert...


  6. Pearl; I often have dessert for breakfast. Muesli bars; baked egg custard; brownies...not on working days of course. But on weekends, anything goes.

  7. I've been eyeing off that one at Coles myself and then keep forgetting about buying it. I love a lemon tart!