blue day

Pink and purple too......

I don't remember what this creeper is, but the blue is very pretty with it's "star" of purple radiating from the centre.

Here's a few that haven't unfurled yet.

Agapanthus. It's blooming everywhere right now.

The individual florets are delicately striped, not often noticed in the sea of blue heads.

Jacaranda. No more needs to be said.

Lavender comes in so many shades.

Pink daisy. This particular variety has small flowers, only about an inch and a half across.

Geranium buds, more white than pink.

Another geranium.

Pink stocks. (Matthiola) Also known in olden days as Gillyflowers.

Bouganvillea. Bracts come in many different shades of pink and purple, (even orange and gold),

while the actual flowers, so tiny, are white.

Here we get up close and personal with a Buddleia, these are also blooming well right now, with long purple spikes bobbing in the breezes.

The low groundcover alyssum is made up of many tiny, tiny flowerets.

I took this Iris photo quite some time ago, it's no longer flowering.

This tiny little blossom, only an inch across, was bobbing in the breeze way above my head on a tall shrub hanging over a fence.

Last; purple teamed with red. A lovely combination.


  1. TThe first photo is a morning glory - one of my favourites! In fact, ANY blue flower is a favourite and these are fabulous pix!

    Have a great rest of weekend!

  2. Love those flower photos, River, they're a bright spot for any day :)

  3. Yes, what Red said. Morning Glory is a pest in Victoria. It grows along many railway lines.

  4. I think Iris are my favourite flower next to Lilies. Ah those jacaranda blooms, that's what had me undone last week! Slipped on the buggers.

  5. Red Nomad OZ; I thought they were morning glory but wasn't positive.

    Jayne; Flowers are another one of nature's rainbows.

    Andrew; Once established it does go crazy, doesn't it?

    Baino; You need shoes with more traction....


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