I was on a mission

Yesterday afternoon, prompted by Kath Lockett's review of Lambertz Gingerbread in Milk and Dark Chocolate, I set off along Portrush Road, to the Marden Shopping Centre.

Because that's where the closest Woolworths to me is and these yummies are only available in Woolies supermarkets.

Which is a shame if you ask me. I think they should be available in all supermarkets.

Once inside Woolies, I began my search. First, I checked the Christmas corner. Not there. Then I checked the chocolate aisle, the biscuit aisle and the bakery section.
Zip. Zilch. Nada.
I was quite disappointed.
I really, really wanted some of these.

I remembered my mum buying these for us at childhood Christmases.
I remembered loving them.
I remembered they were smaller and came in crinkly cellophane bags.

I went to the information desk (a.k.a. kiosk) and asked the girl at the counter about them. She looked up the brand name on a nifty little computer system,(boy, I wish we had one of those at our store) and confirmed that there should be 14 boxes of yummy delicious gingerbread in the store.
A lovely young girl, (really, she was lovely. In looks and manner.) took me back to the bakery section where they should be and we both searched the shelves again, finding nothing.
Two others joined the search and while we discussed the colour and size of the box, the lovely young girl went back into the store room and came out with a box.
Is this them? Oh Yes!
I was overjoyed, practically happy dancing as I took them from her. Apparently they just hadn't been put on display yet.

And here they are. 500grams. 18 yummy, delicious, soft, cakey gingerbread, coated in milk chocolate, striped with dark chocolate. Each one much bigger than the ones from my childhood memory.
Very happy with my purchase, I wandered on home.

Usually a 25 minute walk, this time it took me almost an hour.

Get comfy, put your feet up. I'll show you why.

I saw this, and hoped that no-one had been hurt in this off-the-road "manouvre".

I spent a few minutes trying to get a decent shot of this pretty brick display. I was across the road from it and huge 18-wheelers kept whooshing by, I had to snap it quickly during a very short gap in traffic.

I saw this immaculately kept driveway, which leads to a group of townhouses.

Here's the other side. So beautifully tended.

And one more shot, which I took while a car was waiting to turn in and I hadn't noticed....
The woman driving gave me quite a glare as I apologised for being in her way.
I understood perfectly. After a long hard day, she was anxious to get home.

Oh, before I forget.
Look what is hanging just inside the main entrance to the shopping centre.

Father Christmas!! Parachuting! (or Santa, for those who prefer this name.)

When I finally got home, I made a cup of coffee and naturally just had to try the gingerbread!
Some of the chocolate had crumbled off an edge or two, but I didn't care.
I was ready to taste test. I was ready to relive the memory of my four-year-old Christmas.

Would they be as good as I remembered?
oh yes! They were!

Maybe I overdid the tasting?

Just kidding.
I only ate one. Then another one after dinner.
The rest are safely packed in lunchboxes, in the pantry.


  1. HHHMMMmmm... I normally avoid the major supermarkets like the plague, but I might just have to make an exception for these!

    Happy travels!!

  2. Red Nomad OZ; you won't regret that decision.

  3. Love your little photo walks. I'm dieting so eating vicariously these days. Sorry for the absence, my internet has been rubbish now for about a month. Constantly dropping out.

  4. Whoo hoo! I love how you can make buying chocolate (or pretty nice chocolate gingerbread in this case) such an adventure.
    River, this blog is making you blossom!
    ....and I love the parachuting Santa - nice to see a bit of humour amongst the schmaltz and commercialism sometimes.

  5. Baino; I'm finding the camera a great help when it comes to what to "write" here.

    Kath; The parachuting Santa is the only one I've ever seen.

  6. ooooh YUM! i think I'll have to try these. I love REAL gingerbread.


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