December trinkets

These are some of the Christmas earrings I've been collecting for the last few years.
For the two weeks before Christmas, I wear a different pair to work every day.

This next five pairs is this years addition to the collection.

When I buy them, usually at The Reject Shop or from Cheap As Chips, they come on these hooks.
But I've found in the past that the hooks aren't secure enough and the earrings can be lost, so I take them off and each day hook a different pair onto the sleepers I wear in my ears.

And I have brooches too! Some of them even match the earrings, so I'm co-ordinated.

In past years, we've had red caps to wear, with Merry Christmas or All the Best for Christmas embroidered on them in white.
Quite boring, so I spiffied mine up a bit by stitching green tinsel along the seam lines and around the bottom edge.
Sometimes we've had T-shirts with Christmas messages, sometimes aprons.
This year we have both. Aprons for the checkout staff, T-shirts for the rest. With an entirely different message.
I remember one year I covered my cap with the brooches and stitched on some other tinselly earring trees that I had along with a couple of "Rudolphs". Very Christmassy, very sparkly, very over-the-top and very heavy by the end of the day. I've never done that again, the headache isn't worth it.
We haven't been given caps this year, but I don't suppose anyone will mind if I wear one of mine in the final Christmas week. The customers love it, especially the little kids.


  1. Wow! You'll be the height of Xmas chic with those - but at 5 new pairs a year, maybe you'll need to start wearing them 4wks before Xmas so they all get an airing??

    Merry Xmas!!

  2. Red Nomad OZ; I don't buy 5 pairs every year, only if they're all something I haven't already got. These metal enamelled ones aren't always available, or they're too imperfectly made. These $2 shops are essentially clearance shops for "seconds" or very cheaply made goods. I've probably got enough now to start wearing them 3 weeks before christmas. Another couple of years and I'll have enough for the whole of December.

  3. If you were serving me, I'd love it, start talking and want to know where you got them from. Your Coles would be a far less fun place without you, River.

  4. Love your earring collection!
    Your hat decorations sound like fun, too :)

  5. russian women; thanks

    Kath; We'd probably chat until customers next in line started complaining, then continue over coffee. Yeah, people tend to miss me when I'm not there.

    Jayne; My one complaint is that by Christmas Day my earlobes are aching from the unaccustomed weight. otherwise it's fun, the customer comments make it worth the effort.

  6. I have an enormous collection of Christmas jewellery especially trees. This year I was lucky to get a pair of snowman earrings at the reject shop and both well made.
    The trees were for a patchwork hanging using only the trees in a tree shape. Ongoing project.

  7. JahTeh; I saw snowman earrings, but they were just wrong somehow. I'll keep looking as snowmen are the one thing I haven't got yet.

    I plan on using all my earrings to decorate a tiny tabletop wire tree when I'm really old and living in one room somewhere.


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