in the mail today

A couple of lovely surprises for me.

First surprise: because I'm currently unable to work my usual number of hours per week, I've had a serious drop in income. After struggling along for a while, I applied for and was granted (today) a Centrelink allowance to boost my income. Yay!!

Second surprise: my grandchildren made their Christmas Cards this year!
I can't show it to you, because their photos are on the front, but here's the verse they chose to put inside.

Christmas brings us closer
It's a special time of year
A family time and one to share
With those we hold most dear
Christmas brings us closer
And like this wish it brings
Some very precious memories
And life's most happy things

I can't stop looking at it and reading that verse.


  1. Sometimes it's those things that make the day/issue/problem/solution the right one.

    I had a good old laugh this morning as I returned from posting my resignation (*sigh*) letter to see the bloke around the corner getting his white magna station wagon loaded onto a flatbed truck off to the wreckers forever. It's the *same model* as ours, which is still going (it has to!). We chatted for a while and he said, "Oh I should have given you mine for parts" and then he asked me to take a photo of him standing beside his before the truck drove away: "I'll miss you, girl!"

  2. Hey, do you mind if I write about the magna thing on my blog too?

  3. Kath; yes, use the magna story, it's yours after all. And pop a print of the photo in his mailbox for him.

    Jayne; It's a great verse. I'm wondering if they made it up or copied it from somewhere. I'm choosing to believe they made it up, they're certainly smart enough.


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