garage sales

Sometimes they're good, sometimes you wish you'd stayed home.
I was out today, on my way to Marden for Lambertz Gingerbreads in milk and dark chocolate, when I passed a garage sale sign. I was on the opposite side of the road, so promised myself I'd stop in on the way home if it was still on.
It was and look what I found---->

Here's part of the blurb on the back cover: Thursday Next, a literary detective..........ties the knot with the man she loves........It turns out her husband of one month actually drowned thirty-eight years ago.........."

And I found this------->

look how thick it is--->

Here's a few lines from inside:
I'm so unlucky, when my ship finally came in, I was waiting at the Airport.
How do you circumcise a whale? You send down four skin divers.
Boycott:- somewhere to keep male babies.
Climate:- what you do with a ladder.
Out of Bounds:- an exhausted kangaroo.
Shamrock:- imitation mineral.
How can you tell when you're out of invisible ink?
Doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected become the expected?
Does killing time damage eternity?
If I save time when do I get it back?
How many actors does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one; they don't like to share the spotlight.
I can hear you all laughing from here......


  1. Hi River,

    I've read "Lost In A Good Book" - it's quirky and amusing. I think there are a couple of sequels too but I haven't read those.




  2. LOL
    Lost In A Good Book looks good, let us know what you think :)

  3. Andrew; they're really old jokes, so old today's kids maybe haven't heard them, so a grandson will be getting this after I read it.

    Plasman; I'll look up any sequels after I've read this one.

    Jayne; I've got about 6 other books in the stack to read first.

  4. I LOVE corny jokes. Happily, my husband lets me tell them to him. No-one else will listen. :(

  5. Toni; I know exactly which grandson will appreciate this book, they're a whole family of jokers.


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