potting up day

I had a lovely Christmas Day, with my family,
with this delicious white chocolate snowman making a sweet ending.
From Haighs of course.

Boxing day?
Well, a garden is a never ending task.
There's always something that needs doing.
Seedlings that have grown too large for their starter pots need to be moved into more permanent homes.

I put these mortgage lifter tomatoes into the same tub with the lazy housewife beans. I didn't expect the tinier seedlings to survive the move, but they're standing up well. The beans haven't broken through the soil yet, but I expect them to any day now.

Here's a closeup of the strongest one. Another week or so and the bottom leaves will be removed to stop soil borne diseases from splashing up onto the plant when I water.

This one is the yellow peach tomato that I bought from the community garden. It's almost tripled its size in those few weeks. The small seedlings to the right are mini rockmelons. I didn't separate the seedlings, just planted the entire root ball from the smaller pot. This way the roots have no disruption to their growth, much less transplant shock too. As they grow, I'll train each one in a different direction, to hang over the side of the tub and sprawl where they wish. Maybe. I may buy one of those wire pyramid cone shaped thingys and train the melons up that. Along the long edge of the tub I have planted carrot seeds.

This tub has the mini capsicum seedlings, again each root ball has been left undisturbed, so there will be 2-3 plants growing together supporting each other. I can't wait to eat mini capsicums!

The dividing line ^ has three heirloom carrots, holding up surprisingly well.


What looks like an empty space behind the carrots has more bush beans planted in it.
After all the transplanting, it was cleanup time.

Another recycling tub, with soapy water that has a little bleach added. Soak the pots for an hour or so......

......grab an old dunny brush, give them a good scrub,

....toss them out on the grass to dry.
Empty the tub, go inside and have coffee.


  1. Looks like a great little garden - with some good growing weather coming up! Happy 2011!!

  2. Red Nomad OZ; thanks. I planted two of the tubs before christmas and waited to see how well they'd do, then planted the other two tubs yesterday. I think they're all going to do well.

  3. Looking good, River!
    Your hard work is paying off :)

  4. They're doing really well! I forgot to check my tomatoes today, I'm sort of hoping that they're okay. I've staked them all and am crosing fingers. I've got nearly 150 plants in at the moment, so I'm hoping they all fruit well!

  5. Jayne; I'm really looking forward to eating stuff that fresh from the garden, instead of fresh from who knows how many miles away. Not to mention storage time in distribution depots.

    Veronica; 150? One hundred and fifty??
    wow. All the same kind or a variety?


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