the day started out so well

I didn't have to work, it was my day off.
Got up late, had a leisurely breakfast, read half of my book, was just about to leave home and go to the bus stop when the phone rang.

Hi, this is Joe from C...........
We went through the confirming of my identity, he started reading his notes from my application, then realised he had things a little mixed up. Can he call me back?
Yes, of course, but not right now, I have an appointment in town. I'll be home by "----".

So I caught the bus into town, bought a new money box, one that needs a can opener to get into, to kick off next years savings plan, then had lunch with my daughter K. We both decided the book the other was reading looked interesting and agreed to swap as soon as we'd finished them. Well, I'll lend her mine which I own, and search for hers at my library, because it's a library book......

After lunch we wandered on down the mall to the city Woolworths. K wanted a box of the Lambertz gingerbreads. They didn't have any. Can you believe it?? None. NONE!!

Then K went to catch her bus to work and I came home and immediately phoned the Marden Woolworths who assured me they still had plenty of boxes and putting a couple aside for me wasn't at all necessary.

Then I hung around the house waiting for C........ to phone me back.
Waiting, waiting, waiting......

Well past the scheduled call back time, I gave up and headed to the medical clinic for my fortnightly review of my shoulder. All good. (ish) really need to remember those exercises.....

I decided that from there I would walk right past my home and keep going to Marden for the gingerbreads. Well, that didn't happen.

By the time I got to my driveway it was raining.
So I turned in towards home and emailed K, the gingerbreads would have to wait until Sunday. (If they sell out by then, K will be mightily disappointed, as will I, because I'll have to give her some of mine)

Because I have to work tomorrow.
I hate split weekends.

Then to top things off, my internet home page wouldn't load.
"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." Poo!!

Yet I'm still able to access the friendly goodness of the blogosphere, so yay for that at least.

The final straw came with the frozen meal I trialled for dinner.
Brand name: Waang Waang
Variety: Mandarin Style Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice.

It was awful!
The sauce was watery and not at all spicy, I couldn't detect either sweet or sour, the slices of "meat" tasted not quite right.
I didn't eat the meat after spitting out the first bite and only managed a few spoonfuls of the rice/sauce mix.
I wouldn't recommend this.

So, earlyish to bed tonight, as I've had quite enough of today.


  1. I think I'd be having an early night too!

  2. The only good thing about a bugger of a day is that tomorrow just might be better!!

    Happy travels!!

  3. Veronica; long time no see! You should pop in more often....

    Red Nomad OZ; tomorrow is sure to be better, after all, there's another day off after it.

  4. The brand name should have been the clue. Anything with a name like Waang Waang is is just so not going to be good.

  5. Andrew; I'll be sticking with home cooking or Lean Cuisine now. Much tastier.

  6. Sometimes the walk for chocolate - even in the rain - is needed. And deserved. :)

  7. Kath; rain walking is good fun, but I waited until today (Sunday) and took my granny trolley to Marden since I needed a few other things besides choc-gingerbreads.


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