I have bees in my yard!

This is what has brought them in.
My borage cuttings are flowering.

The flowers open as pinks, and gradually turn purple,

before becoming bright blue. The bees love them.

I also have this old planter tub filled with potting mix and compost, which I planted today with lazy housewife beans.

Along the side of the house, under the shadecloth, there are 4 recycling tubs filled with the same mix.

These will be planted with seedlings that I started in small pots and now need to be moved.
Like these seedlings of miniature rockmelons. I love mini rockmelons, each one is about the size of a tennis ball when fully grown and ripe, so I can eat the whole melon at once and not have cut melon sitting in the fridge getting forgotten.

These are butternut pumpkin seedlings and heirloom carrots. They'll be staying in this large pot, it's raised off the ground so the pumpkin vine can spill over the sides, there's plenty of room.
The tall stem you see is a frangipani cutting.

I have tomatoes ready to be moved to larger pots, so they'll go into one of the recycling tubs tomorrow and get staked as they'll be quite tall.

In this next largish pot, I have seedlings of mini capsicums. again, mini fruit, yum, and small enough for one person to eat in one go. These are a mixed variety with the capsicums coming in red, yellow, orange, and brown as well as green. I've never grown these before so I'm really looking forward to seeing the fruit.

And just look at my baby cos lettuce! It's beginning to form a central head. At this point, I could pick and eat the outer leaves and it will continue to grow, but it's been a bit slow getting started, so possibly it's bitter instead of sweet. Lettuces need to be grown quickly. I'll try a bit on the weekend and see what it's like.

I also found a huge black spider hiding in some bricks.
I'll save those pictures for tomorrow........


  1. We've got the container gardening happening here, too, WAY easier on the old knees and back.
    Love your vegies, I'll just pop over for a cup of borage, ok? :P

  2. YUM!!!

    Now I know I'll be staying in this house a while, I want to plant a veggie garden too. At the moment I have only the essential herbs (parsley, mint, sage, basil, oregano and thyme)
    Borage is fabulous in drinks I hear?

  3. You make me feel so guilty as I've barely been able to keep our four pots of herbs alive, let alone trying to grow anything bigger!

    Maybe that'll be my new years' resolution for 2011. That and thinner thighs.....

  4. Beautiful.. I wish I had a green thumb!

    love to you and Merry Christmas!
    I've Become My Mother

  5. Jayne; I'll put the kettle on then, shall I?

    Toni; I've never used borage as a drink, I've never even had a plant before, so I'll need guidance from you and Jayne on how to make a tea. I bought the cuttings because I knew they would bring bees back to my garden; I need the bees to pollinate the other stuff, pumkins and melons etc.

    Kath; If thinner thighs are not in your genetic hertiage you may have to just keep dreaming on that one. Just like a flat tummy is forever out of my reach. We're a pot bellied lot. But have a go at the gardening, try something really easy to start with, like beans.

    Kelly L; welcome. I used to have a much greener thumb, lately it's been more like the kiss of death, but things seem to be changing for the better.

  6. Around here that would be an invitation for a ravenous horde of possums, followed by the birds and the bugs for the leftovers. I have given up trying to grow anything except limes for the gin.

  7. JahTeh; they're all under a shadecloth arrangement around the side of the house, I don't think many birds will get in.
    Limes are very important.


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