I can't stay awake more than 15 minutes at a time

and when that happens, something is clearly wrong.

Began the day unable to eat breakfast, this in itself is a most unusual occurence.
I had my current book open in front of my porridge, but couldn't focus the eyes properly.
Another disaster.
Then my eyes kept closing with my head drooping towards the table.
What the heck is going on here?

I was up too early anyway, so decided to lie down for a while.
Fell asleep.
Woke up to find that "hit by a truck" feeling had returned and brought with it a feisty little friend who seemed to be taking great pleasure in stabbing my innards with miniature red hot pokers.

I phoned work and said I wouldn't be in, then fell back into bed.
The rest of the day has been spent sleeping in between record breaking speed dashes to the bathroom.
At one point I seriously considered padding the toilet area with pillows and quilts, maybe adding a bookshelf.
Might as well get comfy there, right?

Clearly, I have a virus.
I never get sick!!
Damn, double damn, triple damn even!!

I've been sipping water with honey and apple cider vinegar added all day, every time I woke up, and I don't feel as bad now, but I won't be eating anything, I figure the best way to rid myself of the red hot poker fiend is to starve him out.

Tomorrow, though, I have an appointment to keep.
It's New Years Eve and I promised to babysit my two youngest grandchildren.
I find it hard enough to cope with those two when I'm feeling well, when I'm not so good, like now, it's going to be a real challenge. They are 10 and 6 and just don't seem to be able to sit still more than 5 minutes at a time. I made the promise way back in September and it's too late now for new arrangements to be made.

If you see a new post here in a couple of days, you'll know I survived.


  1. ohh hope you make a speedy recovery!

  2. Steer clear of milk and dairy products and try good old potato crisps to settle your tummy.

  3. Hi River,

    That's a shame. Hope you feel better soon.

    Have a great 2011.



  4. My husband has had the very same virus by the sounds of it. I am so sorry and hope you feel better asap. If you don't it will not be a crime to not keep that promise. I am sure said parents of grandchildren would not appreciate clearing up the mess children make when afflicted with virus's of this sort. So if you truly are not well enough then it is in no one's best interests to babysit.

    I also am babysitting on New Year's Eve and although I am not sick and I know this sounds bad really bad I wish I wasn't because I really feel like just staying in bed for 24 hours, reading, sleeping and drinking tea. But I will put on my happy smiley grandparent face and pretend I am not exhausted.

    So although because of time differences our New Year won't happen at the same time I will think of you River and remember that I am not the 'only' person in the world not going out or doing as I please at New Year. Baby sitting bloggers sounds good perhaps. We could start a whole new thing here, instead of mummy bloggers we could tell our tales of babysitting saga's, a whole new world lol. I jest, I mean who on earth would be interested in reading how despite having brought up one step child and two of my own that I seem unable to get my eight year old grandson into bed before ten. When I was such an advocate of bath,bed,story, sleep by 7.30 brigade all those years ago!

    If truth be told I have never been keen on the whole New Year hype. As long as the little man sleeps its the best excuse ever I think. Babysitting....

    I have been a very bad blogger of late but I look forward to reading your blog in 2011 for its one of my favourites.

    As ever I comment prattling on & on I'm sorry again on that front. I only meant to say I hope you feel better and Happy New Year!

    Not being keen on the whole NY resolution thing perhaps I should break the habit of a lifetime and promise to myself to keep commenting short and try to think of something vaguely interesting to say on my very redundant blog!

  5. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. I had something similar in the leadup to Christmas and I'm still having trouble shaking it. I hope yours doesn't hang around.

  6. pleased to hear I am not alone in reading with porridge in the morning.

    'baby'sitting really just requires that you be IN their house to act in case of disaster (which will not happen) so just coast through it, ignoring the kids. The parents should not want more than that.
    Wishing you speedy recovery.

  7. Happy New Year old bean. Read about my supermarket experience on 'Copperwitch', best blog in the world.

  8. look after yourself beautiful lady.

    Just throw a couple of bags of chips at the kids and put on a movie.

    Happy New Year!

  9. grief - I have a 9 & a 6 year old and I can barely keep up with them when I'm fit! If they were Grand kids and I was ill... It doesn't bare thinking about!

    Hope you are feeling better - Happy New Year!

  10. Urgh no! :( I hope you have managed to shake it before your standing babysitting arrangement. And if not, that your grandkids go easy on you. Poor thing!

  11. MMBB; well on the way to recovery now.

    Jayne; I'm not much for dairy anyway, so it's no hardship to give it up for a while. Except for icecream....

    Plasman; bugger of a time to get sick, eh?

    Achelois; the evening went well, the kids behaved, I napped a lot.

    Veronica; It hung around longer than I wanted.

    Ann O'Dyne; you're right, I really was only there in case of disaster.

    R.H; thanks, I'll hop over and read all about it.

    Kelley, no need to toss chips, these kids feed themselves. They know where the fridge is. And the dvd player.

    Glen; Even angels aren't easy when you're ill, but it turned out not-so-bad.

    Being Me; Didn't shake it, but the kids were good for me.


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