it's over

The great mince pie bake of 2010 is over.

At last!

My kitchen is a wreck.
I love mince pies and I don't mind making them, mostly because I get to eat the ones that turn out wrong.
The cleanup is the worst part.

Because I make these on the dining table, there's usually flour and sugar tracked between there and the kitchen, which means cleanup means vacuuming as well as all those dishes.
I quite like washing dishes.
But vacuuming sucks!

Sigh. Better get started......


  1. Oh I hear you, I havn't even started cooking.....or wrapping yet! I hate Dishes... But I don't mind vacuming, we should swap ha ha merry christmas :)

  2. I have never been a great one for mince pies because for me a pie should have meat in it :)

    I wish you a very merry christmas :)

  3. Hi River,

    I LOVE Mince pies!!!

    Can you sned some over?




  4. Could never make them as nice as my Mum did so I've never tried except once - that plus the fact she didn't give me the recipe before she 'went upstairs' ;)
    Enjoy them!

  5. whatsinemmasbrain; welcome. Yeah, let's swap. Next Christmas.

    Loz; I like meat pies too, but only the ones I make.

    Plasman; I'm not sure they'd survive the trip.

    Jayne; There's a recipe?? I just make pastry and add a jar of store bought fruit mince. But it has to be the RIGHT fruit mince.

  6. Hey! Merry Xmas (albeit a little late)!! Now ... how many of those fabulous mince pies are left, hhhmmm...??

    Happy travels!!

  7. Hey there! Didn't know how to respond to your question re: Buffy. Yes , I did name Anya after the vengeance demon. Fancy you know that! Hope you had a great Christmas. And Cleaning do suck.

  8. Hi and hope you had a great Christmas. Thanks for stopping by Kangaroos of The Scrubby Bush. You can tell the difference between mice and antechinus mainly by the ears - antechinus have quite large ears. Mind you they have to stand still for you to do that! They're great to have around as they clean up all the insects.

  9. Hope you had a wondeful Day River. All over now bar the hangover I guess.

  10. Red Nomad OZ; not a single pie left.

    Joni Llanora; I'm a Buffy fan, have the entire series over on my shelf. Angel too. Anyanka is a great name, there won't be too many of those around.

    Cheryl; I've never known anything that small to stand still long enough for me to get a good look.

    Baino; No hangovers here.


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