last of the big spenders

Ha Ha

Just kidding.
The only time I spend big is when toilet paper is on special.

Yesterday, I was in the city, having lunch with K, then we shopped a bit.
Oh! I saw something I'd love to have!
Didn't buy it......

I did buy a new fish tank for my Chippy. Up to now, he's been living in a big old glass bowl, which I love, but it's heavy and the opening is a little too small for me to comfortably get in there and position pebbles, plastic plants and ornaments. Also, cleaning that thing is hard. It's round and slippery, I'm constantly afraid I'll drop it and spend weeks getting glass splinters off the floor.
So, a new plastic tank, with a lid I can remove, easy access for positioning stuff.

I put Chippy into it this morning and straight away he started exploring his new home.
I gave his statue a good scrubbing, it was quite green with algae, washed his two plants, put in two new plants and a no fishing ornament that's been sitting in the cupboard since the goldfish disappeared.

When he's happy, he pauses now and then to fan out his fins for me. Look, isn't he pretty?

It didn't take him more than a few minutes to adjust, and I think he'll be happy for another couple of years. Plus the tank is tall enough so he can still see the flickering of the TV, which he loves. And he's already chosen his sleeping corner. Right under the air bubbler.


  1. Kymmie; thanks. When I chose him he was the only blue one left, all the others were red. Now the store is full of blue siamese fighters.

  2. Is he a Siamese Fighting Fish? I used to think it cruel that they were kept in such tiny enclosures but apparently their natural habitat is tiny pools where they patrol their own territory. Still he looks happy enough, if a fish can look happy. "Chippy" hahaha, we have a pony with the same name because he likes potato crisps and Yorkston Classic sounds a bit well, wanky

  3. I was going to suggest getting him a friend, but if he is Siamese fighter, perhaps not.

  4. Baino; he is a Siamese Fighter, and I've never been happy with those tiny glass boxes they're kept in either. All they do in there is mope at the bottom. As soon as I brought Chippy home 2 years ago, I put him in the glass bowl which holds 6 litres of water and he's so much more active than if he was in a tiny box. Now his new home holds 7 litres of water, plus the plants etc and he loves to swim around, plus watch TV.

    Andrew; I could get him a friend if I wanted,any goldfish or even a female fighter. The only fish he'd fight to the death with is another male. fighter.

  5. What an amazing colour! If I had one, I'd probably fritter away the day just watching it swim around!!

  6. Red Nomad OZ; I thought it was a very unusual colour because I'd only ever seen red ones, but my closest pet store currently has more blues than red, and the reds come in different shades too.


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