I've been seeing the nuffnang logo on many blogs lately.

I'd like to know more about it.

What is it exactly?
An advertising system, yes, but for what?

How does it work?
Should I jump on the advertising train?
How would I do that and would it be worthwhile?
Or would it just take up space on my sidebar?

Detailed information would be helpful and appreciated.

Following on from yesterday, I'm much improved, although bloated and queasy from the amount of painkillers I took.
Lots of water, lots of sleep and I'll be fine.
All that's aching now is the usual arthritic joints. Neck, hips, one knee, lower back.
A few other minor spots, nothing I can't ignore.


  1. Feel free to email me for more information at melissa{@}sugercoatit{dot}com, maybe I can answer your questions.

    I joined about 6 months ago. They are an ad network basically. I guess they kind of act as an agent, presenting you with advertiser opportunity's and a blog community all in one. It is free to join and you can minimise your ads to a small tag for when there are no ads running so it'll take up virtually no space.

  2. Hmm I'd never heard of it and their site is still a bit vague but I think it's bloggers who advertise via Nuffnang, get sponsorships etc. Sort of a private Adsense. Here, have a look

  3. Melissa; I've had a look at the website listed by Baino below you, I'm not much wiser, since I don't have a business head.

    Baino; thanks for the link. From what I read there, they find out about you, then choose advertisements that would suit you and your reders and put them on your blog and hope people will click on them.


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