while I was off in la la land....

....daydreaming of christmas trees and pretty things and massive lotto wins, my body took advantage of my inattention, walked out to the busy street, got itself hit by an 18 wheeler barreling down the road at 3000 miles per hour, then calmly walked back inside and reattached itself to my daydreaming mind. (anyone who believes I'm serious is nuttier than I am)

How else do I explain the level of aching I'm feeling right now?

I'm downing pain relief tablets by the handful, (not really), and hobbling around like I was 87.
Which is a distinct improvement on hobbling around like a 95 year old, so things are looking up.....

I woke up this morning, feeling fine, ready, willing and able to go to work.
I watered the veggies, had breakfast, went to work.
No problem.

Once at work though, the troubles began, even though I didn't notice them at the time.

Up the stairs, down the stairs, up again, down again, repeat, repeat.
Offices, locker rooms, toilets, all upstairs.

Add carrying loose stock to put back on the shelves, add reaching up too high.
That last one is my own stupid fault, I should have gone to get a safety step, but that has to be carried back to the site of the item to be put back, and it was only one item....
Several times....

I really can be too thick headed sometimes, too impatient with myself, and with getting the job done.

So I progressed through the shift, (which is only 4 hours, I used to be able to do that in my sleep),walked on home, then laid down with my feet up on pillows, to give them a rest.
Varicose veins appreciate that sort of thing.

About an hour later, I started thinking about food, and coffee, so tried to get off the bed.
Oh. Dear. God.
I'd seized up. Like an engine without oil.
Rolled off the bed, crawled into the bathroom, and let the scalding hot water ease the aches a bit.
(Didn't really work.)
Swallowed some aspirin, went back to lying on the bed.

Clearly, I'd rested too much on my 4 day break, and now my muscles were protesting at the treatment I'd given them today.

I'm up now, still aching badly, but moving more or less normally, and an early night, (there's only 3 episodes of Dexter left to watch)
more panadol/aspirin/codeine.....anything, anything! ....bring on the morphine! (just kidding)
and I should be okay to repeat the process tomorrow.

The other possibility for my aching is chocolate withdrawal. Of course that's usually just a headache...



  1. I've found the worst thing I can do when I've been shopping and walking too much is to lie down when I get home. Sitting for half an hour seems to settle the bones in the right direction then I can head for the bed.

  2. JahTeh; usually I sit for a while, but my feet were aching more than usual. You're right, sitting first does help. I'm going to remember that tomorrow, after taking it snail speed easy all shift.

  3. Don't you just hate it when it does that? But don't be too hard on yourself - it might be an early onset of the flu?? It's going around a bit I believe!

    Take care!

  4. Blocking ears. You sound like my partner.

  5. Ah sounds like you've been overdoing it. We did the same on our first three days in Paris walked so much we could hardly negotiate stairs. Voltarin helped the creaky knees . . a LOT

  6. Frogdancer; crap is an understatement. You should have heard what I was saying....

    Red Nomad OZ; I don't get the flu. Lucky me. i'm much better today, still achy, but within my usual levels, mostly the joints which have arthritis.

    Andrew; your partner needs a soothing massage by the sound of things. Why don't you rub his shoulders for him?

    Baino; unfortunately voltaren o longer works for me. I've gone to arthritis strength deep heat.

  7. I hope you're feeling better by now. Sometimes our bodies just need us to rest. I was down and out over the holidays, but I think mine was stress-related. Thanks for your lovely Christmas message. I hope you enjoyed yours. xx


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