it's a beginning

I haven't been too enthused so far about Christmas this year.
I've loved seeing the decorations going up in the city and the shops,
but when it comes to decorating my home, well, meh seems to sum it up.

But I've made a beginning.

The tree, in its box, has been hauled out from where I stashed it at the back corner of the top of the built-in wardrobe. I had to drag out the step-ladder even!
But here it is, still in its box, on the floor of the back room.

The crate with the tree decorations has also been hauled down, from the same back corner of the same wardrobe. Luckily it isn't heavy.
And there it sits. On the floor of the back room. Waiting.

Even my googled image of an evil wreath is seeing the light of day, waiting to be put into the front window to welcome Christmas visitors. Or possibly scare them away.

How is your decorating progressing? Are you fully tinselled? Or are you procrastinating?


  1. Not quite fully tinselled yet but not quite procrastinating, either lol.

  2. I've got my illuminated reindeer up again, hanging from the front veranda. Two houses in the next street had a huge display every year but sadly they've recently sold up and moved away. Sad for me, but I guess they'll be lighting up elsewhere.

  3. Jayne; I'm procrastinating like hell over here. I just know that the minute I get the tree done I'll have to spend the next few weeks picking up bits of tinsel that have blown off and landed everywhere.

    R.H. Illuminated reindeer? You'll have to start a blog and put up photos. The only outside decorating I do is a bit of tinsel wrapped around the smallest tree in the front yard.

  4. Hi River,

    Nothing goes up in our house until a week or two before Xmas (or when Mrs PM decides ... whichever comes sooner).




  5. Yeah.... I'm thinking about getting started.....

  6. Had to laugh at that evil wreath - you might find yourself attracting the wrong kind of well-wisher!

    Our tree will go up tonight when there's no work or school to do and all housework will be ignored.

  7. Plasman; be a devil, YOU decide.

    Frogdancer; let's see who can procrastinate the longest.

    Kath; going up tonight eh? We want proof! Photos!

  8. We've just done our tree today. I'm exhausted!

  9. Veronica; I'm exhausted just thinking about mine. Where to put it? Which decorations? A select few or the whole bunch? aaaahhhh!

  10. We put ours up on Thursday after not finding the time last year. Glad we did

  11. They are in the loft! Just about to start shouting at people in my house. I mean when I say nicely - please will you get them down I actually mean now!
    (sorry for late commenting, its not just the decorations that are late everything is late of late)
    @ Veronica - Oh V - I was hoping you could pop round and give me a hand doing mine lolxx


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