something new in Coles

A customer came through my checkout yesterday with something I had never seen before.
Today on my way out of the store, I bought some.

Tell me what you think.

French Twists.

Layers of sweet puffed pastry in a snack size, with only 30 calories per twist.

Sounds good....let's read more.

This is looking good for all those with dairy and egg allergies. No cholesterol...that's great!
No butter....hmmmm, how can it be "real" pastry with no butter? 

Let's continue this journey....

There's Original flavour.......mmmm, cinnamony.

and Maple French Toast. sweeeet.
There's also a Wild Raspberry flavour, but I didn't buy that one.

Cinnamon on the left, Maple on the right.
Nibble, munch....mmm not bad.
Not. Bad. At. All.

As a "little something sweet, but not too big" snack with an afternoon coffee, these are perfect.
They're called pastries, but I'd put them in a not-quite-pastry, not-quite-biscuit category.

I'd happily recommend these to any customer who asks Have I tried them? (yes) Are they nice? (also yes)

EDITED TO ADD:  I didn't read the ingredients list when I bought these, nor when I tasted them. I don't have food allergies, so I'm not too concerned. (a little dairy intolerance, but that's nothing...)

Anyway the back of the packet reads:- Allergen Information: contains wheat and soy. Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts and egg whites.

See that? egg whites.  Scroll back up to photo three and notice that it says no eggs.
Yet these are manufactured in a facility that processes egg whites.

So here's a little friendly advice.
If you have allergies, don't just take for granted the information on the front of the package.
Turn it over and read the back as well. Every word.

Also on the front, the package reads No Trans Fat,  yet the ingredients list includes palm oil.
Palm Oil is often listed in things that do contain trans fats, so I'm wondering if the difference here would mean these contain pure palm oil, and other things that have trans fats contain palm oil that has been processed in some way to become a solid fat, no longer an oil.

I still like them, and I'll still buy them, but they'll be an occasional snack addition, not a daily part of my diet.


  1. Wow...I wonder if I can find them here?

  2. Maid River
    Never a snack
    Always a feast
    Jumbo pack.


  3. Okay, you said what they are NOT made of, but what on earth ARE they made of?

  4. Delores; I'd say so, they're branded by Lavish and certified vegan by the AVA, which is the American Vegetarian Association.

    R.H. not at all cardboardy.

    Lord Rochester; sometimes a snack is better than a feast. I don't think these come in the giant economy size. The packages I bought are 128g each.

    JeanetteLS; Ingredients list says wheat flour, palm oil, soy oil, beet sugar, cinnamon and salt for the original flavour and the same ingredients plus natural maple flavour for the maple ones.

  5. My daughter has an app on her phone that allows you to log in the bar code on a particular product and the app will detail all the contents of said product. It will reveal all the secrets and lies.

    Like you, I'm not too fussed about these things but the way you describe these amazing pastries makes me inclined to concur with RH, artificially sweetened cardboard, only you say they're tasty. I believe you.

  6. Interesting. I'll keep an eye out for them, but I think there are tooooo many things on my occasional treats list already.

  7. Ya still can't beat Vegemite on toast its always a winner :-).

  8. Elisabeth; that would be handy app!. Taste is a very personal thing, I like these, but others may not. I'm a simple person with simple tastes. If customers ask me what are these like? then I can say I liked them. They're not gourmet food, just a simple vegan style cross between a biscuit and a pastry. In a twist form. And they're small. About three inches long.

    EC; maybe you should start working through that list!

    Windsmoke; vegemite on toast is always a winner! With real butter, with margarine it's nowhere near good enough.

  9. Well if there's flour they could be okay.

  10. Forsooth, sometimes a snack is better than a feast, I've never said no to a quickie.


  11. They do sell a lot of those here, in clear-wrapped plastic and in huge packs (about as big as a twin pack of chips and densely packed in). People hoover them up with coffee but I've yet to try them - I'm still being sidetracked by chocolate :)

  12. These sound too good to be true! What country are you in? I am in USA can I get them here?

  13. R.H. trust me, they're okay.

    Kath Lockett; try them, they're a little drier than chocolate, but great with coffee. Sort of like a biscuit textured pastry. What flavours do they have over there? Here is only three flavours so far.

    EmmaK; I'm in Australia, but Im pretty sure you can get them in USA. Kath Lockett has seen them in Geneva.

  14. Hi All - Lavish French Twists are available in Costco stores in Australia. It comes in a bigger pack (clear-wrapped plastic tub), 624g.

  15. It sits in the bakery section at Costco stores.


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