spotted on the way to work

high up on a building....

window washers!

working in the rain.
Not much rain, just enough of the soft drizzle to need an umbrella or get frizzy hair. 


  1. Haha! I can't imagine the embarrassment of having my hair turn to frizz while all those perfectly coiffed office workers stared out the window at me!!


  2. If I was being paid to wash the window...I'd wash the window. Whether it's raining or not is not the point to the paid's the act of being paid that makes the window dirty enough to need washing. It's just the other 99.9% of the population that sees it as fruitless..

  3. Heights are not one of my fears, but I still would not want their job. And rain would be less destructive of their work than a dust storm.

  4. Red Nomad; I was thinking more of my own hair frizzing as I was on the way to work.

    Tempo; of course the rain wouldn't stop them working, I was rejoicing in a cooler day, while thinking of my own hair frizzing, making the umbrella necessary.

    EC; I'm not afraid of heights either. A dust storm would mess up a freshly washed window, but rain would just help keep the washers cool.

  5. wow, no way could I do that. I get dizzy standing on a chair.

  6. Rather defeats the purpose. Our windows are cleaned twice a year, and as soon as it rains, they become dirty.

  7. I could have used some of that gear in my days as a Peeping Tom.
    Mind you, I don't like heights, but you soon forget when it's a good show.

  8. They can keep that job all to themselves no matter what the pay because i don't like heights that much. I'm glad i don't have to worry about frizzy hair when it rains having short back and sides :-).

  9. A scaredy cat re heights here not a job for me :[

  10. I remember a lifetime ago being a stressed out manager in a fifth floor office and nearly sh**ting myself when THUD! the window washer had bounced down to squeegee the one I was staring miserably out of - he saw my shocked face and had a good laugh.

  11. Toni; so there are no high shelves anywhere in your home? No step ladders? And you're not one of those cartoon women who jump up onto a chair at the sight of a mouse?

    Andrew; I'm guessing the windows are scheduled for certain dates and get cleaned no matter what. The rain was really a comment on me having to use an umbrella or get frizzed hair.

    R.H. tsk tsk.

    Windsmoke; I'm not at all afraid of heights, but I don't think window washing is a job for me.

    Kimmie; welcome back to drifting. I really must get back to your blog too.

    Kath Lockett; I'd probably have the same reaction if someone thudded onto the window I was daydreaming out of.

  12. I work on the 48th floor. When one of those guys drops over a window, I have to look away...


  13. Pearl; I'd be rushing to the window to watch....


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