whimsical wednesday

It's whimsical Wednesday again!

A little cartoon to make you smile.
(borrowed from google images of course)


  1. They all look so happy like they really don't realize what's coming.

  2. Smile indeed. They look so cheerful at getting grated, or at least some of them do. The odd one looks more wary. What a way to go.

  3. Happy little Vegemites aren't they even though they're about to be grated :-).

  4. Delores; poor little things have no idea...

    EC; cute aren't they?

    Elisabeth; I hope to be that happy when I go.

    Windsmoke; it's a grate life!

  5. OH poor little garlics, I wonder will they end up in the lasagne or the stirfry??

  6. Innocent little lemmings of the vege world!

  7. Farmers Wifey; probably half and half, there's enough there for both.

    Kath Lockett; cute little innocents though.

  8. This is kinda creepy. But, awesome. Haha.


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