New Years Resolutions

2012 is just over a week old now.

How many New Years Resolutions did you make?
How many have you already broken?
One? A few? All of them?

Why do people make resolutions anyway?
In hopes of bettering themselves? Aren't they happy the way they are?
If you aren't happy with yourself a resolution may not be the answer, since there is often a deeper cause.
I digress.
We all know that most resolutions will be broken.
Many people make such fanciful resolutions that they couldn't possibly keep them.
Perhaps they do this because "it was never going to happen anyway" don't feel bad about breaking them.

I personally don't make New Years resolutions, I never have.
I've never seen any reason to.
If I'm going to make changes, I'll make them, resolution or not.
If I'm not inclined to make changes, then I won't be disappointing myself by breaking a resolution.

All of which makes those first few weeks or months of a new year quite stress free for me.
Just the way I like it.


  1. No, I don't make resolutions either. I just do stuff as it comes to me.

  2. I don't think I could remember a resolution - much less keep it. I just muddle along from day to day.

    And stress free is my goal too.

  3. Hi River,

    I like to make them - and sometimes they last. In the last year or two I have taken up Spanish and (very bad) photography - and bizarrely I am still pursuing them.

    Actually that's a lie - the Spanish came in Summer (UK summer that is) - maybe its the kiss of death adding it as a NYR for 2012.

    I'll let you know at the end of the year.




  4. No resolutions for me, River and therefore like you none to break and therefore less to regret.

  5. I used to make resolutions, and stick to them too - for quite a while, anyway!

    This year, no. My resolution would have had to be about losing weight and getting fitter - not necessarily because I'm not happy with myself, though I don't much like being fat, but because I have high blood pressure. :(

    But ... There is still Christmas/New Year food about on the first day of the year, so it's a ridiculous day to begin, isn't it? :)

  6. My resolution was in two parts.

    1. Stick my profile photo up.

    2. Then propose to Miss Goldsworthy.

    The first part took guts. The second could take years.

  7. Life is stressful enough without adding extra pressure!

  8. Havn't made any New Year resolutions for over 30 years because i'm hopeless at sticking to them :-).

  9. I agree completely with you here, there's no point lying to yourself is there? If we were going to change we wouldn't have to wait until New Years to do it...

  10. Delores; Just like me!

    EC; stress free is a good goal to aim for.

    Plasman; I've never even thought of making resolutions. good luck with your Spanish.

    Elisabeth; being resolution free is quite liberating.

    R.H. Resolutions should never be in two parts. All or nothing! Now go, propose.

    Sarah, quite right!

    Windsmoke; see, this is why I don't see why people bother at all.

    Tempo; exactly!

  11. I used to make resolutions but over the past few years i have stopped. I too don't really see the point and would rather make changes throughout the year as and when I feel the need to.

  12. You're a wiser woman than me, River. I make (and break) the same ones every year - stop picking at the skin around my fingernails until they bleed, lose weight and get that second book (one that is on a topic of my choosing) written....

  13. Propose to Kerryn Goldsworthy? Do you actually know her?

    Well okay, I'll do it for a joke.

    And tell her you sent me.

  14. Valentine's Flowers; welcome to drifting. You see my point then.

    Kath Lockett; try a different set of resolutions next year. Or perhaps you could resolve not to make any.

    R.H. I have no idea who she is. But go ahead anyway.

  15. Made none at this end, happy 2012 xxxx

  16. Kerryn Goldsworthy is an ice-cold pedant. She has been married but has never had sex.

    Her husband (understandably) was afraid to ask.

  17. Well he did ask once, but used a split infinitive.


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