people around here are garden proud

Walking around my new neighbourhood in the weeks before Christmas, I noticed that many homeowners around the backstreets seem to enjoy gardening.

Not only are their front yards nicely planted and well tended, but so are the nature strips, the bit along the front fence as well as the wider strip that borders the footpath and divides it from the road.

Here's a couple of examples >>>>

These are different views of just two of the lovely gardens I've seen while getting my daily exercise.


  1. Certainly makes for an enjoyable walk.

  2. Hi River,

    I like to see a nice garden - but I hate gardening. Good job Mrs PM likes it.




  3. I enjoy those nature strip gardens, too, River. The trouble is the council complain if they encroach too much over the footpaths and plants have a tendency to stray. But these examples here are lovely.

  4. Delores; yes it does. I'm always walking longer than I thought I would because I stop to look.

    PM; I like a bit of gardening, but can't do the heavy stuff anymore.

    Elisabeth; people around here seem to be keeping the pathways clear so that's good.

  5. ooh nature strip gardens are awesome and these look great. Gorgeous pics.

  6. I like the nature strip gardens but a lot of people down here are complaining to the councils that they are dangerous and want them banned out right, sad really :-).

  7. Wow... what a nice neighbourhood! Funny that, I've been taking my camera with me too lately and capturing my neighbourhood and beyond. I love downloading them from the camera, it never ceases to excite me to see the images reveal themselves.

  8. Fenstar de Luxe; welcome to drifting and thank you.

    Windsmoke; they're only dangerous if the growth limits drivers vision. Banning shouldn't be necessary as long as growth guidelines are adhered to. Sadly, some people will always do the wrong thing.

    gaby; mostly it's nice, there's a few not so nice spots. Just like anywhere else.

  9. It's so cold in Sydney that our trees think it's autumn and our winter flowers are blooming...very odd weather we're having

  10. They all look so Eastern-Adelaide lovely :)

    Apparently the gardens here will look pretty spectacular in spring, which I'm really looking forward to. Our balcony might get treated to some geraniums if the bank balance is healthy enough.

  11. Beautiful gardens, this never seems to happen here.

  12. Baino; don't worry too much. February and its humidity is just a few weeks away.

    Kath Lockett; I'm looking forward to seeing spring photos of Geneva.I think a balcony of geraniums will lift your spirits enormously. I don't have much room on my tiny front porch, so I'm going to add a hanging basket instead of another pot, and fill it with cheery-faced pansies and little Johnny-Jump-Ups.

    Tempo; start a trend, beautify your nature strip. Use waterwise plants such as succulents in a range of colours.

  13. Cottage style gardening. Plant this here, this there. It is an anathema to garden purists, yet the jumbles looks so nice.

  14. I love these plantings, they blend together and work so well :)

  15. Andrew; cottage gardens are often the prettiest and you can put vegetables in amongst the flowers too. The scent and colour of the flowers will often confuse the bugs that normally plague vegetable patches.

    Jayne; they do look lovely don't they? I wonder if the gardener is an artist?


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