wholemeal bread......half a leftover tomato......the end of the block of cheese

= quick and easy breakfast.


  1. Looks delicious!!

  2. That's some meal. Looks wonderful.

  3. Looks yummmy indeed. I've been a big fan of wholemeal bread for many years there's no other bread that comes close to the taste of wholemeal bread and its full of fibre :-).

  4. I have a passion for the sour dough breads these days, but there is little to beat cheese and tomato. Yummo.

  5. Delores; it was delicious.

    Elisabeth; I finally got fed up with porridge every day for breakfast.

    Windsmoke; I actually don't like wholemeal bread all that much, (I know it's better for me), but as a base for cheese and other toppings, it's okay.

    EC; I've tried sourdough bread and I really didn't like it. Toasted cheese and tomato always goes down well though.

  6. One of my favourite combinations when on the road...

  7. This is like my favourite breakfast in the whole world. NICE.

  8. That'/s almost exactly what I'm eating for lunch right now!


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