I'm ready!

Today is my probationary house inspection day.

I've been here for six months now, (wow, already?), and it's time for the SAHT to inspect my premises and decide if I'm a suitable tenant.
I have no worries at al on this score, I've always been a suitable tenant.
I don't trash my home, I don't grow drugs in the wardrobes, I don't hide dead bodies under the floorboards.
I pay my rent on time too.
And I keep the kitchen sink clean.

I spent a little time yesterday cleaning, but let's face it, this place is only about three inches square so that didn't take long. I even dusted the lightshades!

I'm ready. Bring it on!

I'm going to ask if I'd be allowed to have a retractable canvas or shadecloth awning installed over my front window. The sun beats down on that everyday and the heat just flows on in.
It has a fixed "eyelash" type awning, but really, that does nothing to keep the sun out.
So I'm going to ask about getting some kind of cover that I can adjust as necessary.


  1. I'm sure you will do just fine and if they have any common sense at all they will see that you installing an awning is an upgrade to their property.

  2. I'm glad you do not keep the dead bodies under the floor boards. That can become quite inconvenient, I've found.

    I am not sure what the SAHT is, but I hope it all goes well and that you are allowed to have some window covering for your convenience.

    Thanks for writing out the ingredients yesterday. The blog post made me hungry!

  3. I HATE inspections. And this house is up for sale again, so we could potentially have people through at any time. Luckily I think the heat is keeping them all at home, so at least it's been good for one thing!!
    I hope you get your awning. Good tenants should be looked after.

  4. Good tenants should be looked after. And left alone. By these middle-income swine with their "investment portfolios", little capitalists feeding off have-nots.

    Landlord: dirtiest word in the English language.

  5. I am certain that you would be an ideal tennant. I hope they are reasonable about the shadecloth. I will have my fingers crossed for you.

  6. Your must be a fantastic tennant. I hope you can have your awning. Even in winter it might make it cosier.

  7. It's sounds to me like an excellent idea to turn the focus away from you the tenant and your status in the world as the potentially flawed onto them the landowners with their needs to improve.

  8. My, my has it been six months already, doesn't time fly when you're having fun. I have every confidence you'll pass muster with flying colours :-).

  9. GL on your inspection. I mean, if Bird Boy made it, surely you will too.

  10. Delores; I asked about an awning and he said I'm just an inspector, not the person to ask. I'll contact the main office.

    JeanetteLS; SAHT is the South Australian Housing Trust, it's public housing subsidised by the government. You're right about the bodies, there's only so many you can fit under there before you run out of space.

    Toni; my inspections usually go really well, so I don't mind at all. Today's one took about 45 seconds, he walked though, said the place is immaculate, ticked me off the list and he was gone.

    R.H. my landlord is the SA Govt.

    EC; I'm going to have to contact
    the main office about the awning.

    Sarah; I've always been a great tenant, landlords have always been sorry when I've had to leave.

    Elisabeth; I agree.

    Windsmoke; six months. It seems longer, I'm so well settled, at the same time it doesn't seem possible that six months have passed already.

    Happy Elf Mom; I've been wondering if Bird boy left on his own or if he was asked to leave because of the number of birds he was keeping. I passed the inspection easily, the inspector said the place is immaculate. Well, naturally! I like clean.

  11. It's Housing Commission, I know, for crying out loud. Okay?
    If You can't agree with me don't say anything: first page of the Blogger's Bible.

    -Robert. OAM.

  12. R.H. my apologies. Here have a vanila slice.

  13. Hi River,

    When Mrs PM and I rented briefly, we were about to leave when the landlady started showing round potential new tenants. We cleaned the place up and the landlady showed a few people round.

    After she had finished she visited us and said "Why did you clean up so much> I wanted to show them the "lived in" look and its spotless."

    You can't win sometimes.





  14. Hey R.H., it's River's blog, if she wants to disagree with you she has every bloody right too, and she has nothing to apologise for.
    If you don't want people disagreeing with you, don't say stuff that might be considered controversial, and if you do say stuff like that, don't get offended when people call you on it.
    River sorry for arguing on your blog, but that needs to be said. Nobody has the right to take over your comments with their opinion and their opinion only (yes, including me, I know, which is why this will be the last thing I say on the matter.)

  15. I have never made a controversial comment anywhere.

    Please note, your mother and I have a special relationship which you are not aware of. It is a secret. Meanwhile, if she can't spell vanilla slice correctly I don't know how she'll ever create one.

    Which brings me to some very useful food advice, beneficial to a young person like you who may venture to dine in a restaurant: Never eat anything you can't pronounce.


    No need to thank me.

    Robert. OAM.

  16. Plasman; that reminds me of a house we had to sell once. It was dragging on and the agent said we should paint over the blue walls in the family room and passage, so we painted it white and the house eventually sold to the people who'd been through and loved the blue walls.

    no-one; he's harmless. Things are OK here.

  17. R.H. I can't believe I made a spelling mistake!! How will I ever live this down? Oh woe is me.

  18. Harmless is the worst thing ever said about me.

    You sure know where to hit.

  19. Reading the comments here is more fun than reading the post.


  20. You'd be their ideal tenant, dear River. Mum used to work at SAHT and some of the stories were downright depressing; so it was a huge highlight for her to judge the best garden awards and meet some really brilliant people.

  21. LceeL; welcome back to drifting, you haven't been here in ages! I'm glad we're able to make you laugh.

    Kath Lockett; I think quite a few of the tenants here would be classed as ideal. There's a small "rough" element, but mostly the complex is filled with older people on pensions. They're all nice and a lot of them spend time making their particular patch quite pretty with potted plants etc.

  22. YAYYYY! I was checking back to make sure you passed. I knew you would!! :)

  23. Happy Elf Mom; I always pass.


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