I wasn't going to be here today

I woke up this morning without a single idea in my head. Really, no idea at all what to write about.

The reason?
It's summer.
It's hot.
Sometime during the night my brain melted and dribbled out through my ears.
I spent a bit of time frantically pouring the mush back in and hoped that in the cool of the morning hours it would congeal into something resembling my brain as it used to be.

I'm not sure how well that's worked, but I seem to be able to form words and sentences, so I'm off to a good start.

Maybe I should sleep with earplugs in for the rest of the summer?
At least I wouldn't have to wring out my pillow every morning.......


  1. Oh yes. Brain dead over here too. I try and turn into a troll and only come out a night in summer. It is still too hot though. With the hottest month to come. Sigh.

  2. It is kinda brain-mush weather, huh? STUPIDLY, I picked today to tackle the pile of mulch (not mush) out front to put around my roses. Idjit. I'm inside cooling off (inside and out, if that makes sense!). I always get so irritable in the heat.

  3. Indeed I think there might be a correlation between summer heat and being brain -dead, too.I enjoy having a good summer, I love going for a swim in a river somewhere when it is hot but that is the limit of my capacity I'm afraid. I am looking forward to the rain promised tomorrow.

  4. Oo, summer, how I miss youuu...

    River, my post was entirely sarcastic... I promise.

  5. When its hot like this i turn into a hermit and hibernate until it cools down a lot :-).

  6. EC; I'd LOVE to be able to only come out at night, at least the glare is gone then. Unfortunately Coles insists on being open in the daylight hours.

    Being Me; heat is very irritating weather. At least now you can look out on your roses and know they're benefitting and the mulch won't have to be spread again until next year at least.

    Christine; summer heat = brain mush, unless you're a young thing still enjoying beaches and barbecues. The older I get, the more I hate the heat.

    Happy Elf Mom; I thought it might be, but wasn't entirely sure.

  7. I'm with you River. It's hot. Right now my fingers stick to the keys of the key board and I've had to take off my rings because they might otherwise get stuck on my rapidly expanding fingers. Ah summer days. I love to hate them but I think I prefer the heat to winters cold, but preferably in moderation.

  8. Windsmoke; I'd hibernate if I didn't have to go to work. Waiting to retire....

    Elisabeth; I haven't worn rings for years because of the heat swelling. I much prefer the winter. I can always get warm.

  9. I'm a bit sick of this heat myself. At least it's not over 40. Yet!

    Inbetween weather is my favourite. Warm enough to still wear sandals but mild enough so there is no sweaty heads.

  10. Sarah; like late autumn and early spring. Cool breezes, warmth in the sun, but beautifully cool nights for sleeping. Those are the best times. May and September, October too.

  11. I can relate to Elisabeth's "summer sausage" fingers. I get those too. Thankfully, at least so far, our summers are nowhere near yours. Funny. You hibernate away from the heat and we hibernate away from the cold. Here we are thousands of miles away from each other, hibernating to the best of our abilities, for toally different reasons. What a strange world.

  12. Delores; while I hate the heat probably more than anyone I know in real life, I'm thankful that our winters aren't as cold as yours. I like cooler weather, but I have my limits.


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