oh, urk, ugh, what is that?

It's hot here today, so I have the flat closed up with the blinds down to keep out as much sun and hot air as possible.

I'm sitting here, scrolling through people's blogs, when I notice a strange odour in the air. Something not nice. Something that smells like pooh-ed newborn-baby nappies.
 I get up and walk around and this is in every room! All three and a half of them!

What could the neighbours be cooking to make the air smell like this??
I opened the door to the back porch and the odour is out there too.

Perhaps it isn't someone's cooking.....I have heard a newish baby crying in the last week or so...but still.....to have this odour come right through my flat is more than a little annoying. I hope it clears quickly. I've turned the fan on high and turned on the exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom.


  1. There's really nothing worse than a smell or a noise that can't be explained.
    Have you seen a cloud of blowflies anywhere outside?

  2. I find that the smell of stale nappies has the ability to come right through walls...like ghosts.. Is it possible someones left a bag of nappies out in todays heat? (retch)

  3. Eeeuw. I hope it clears quickly and doesn't come back. However, if it is bad in your place - imagine how much worse it is at the source.

  4. I understand. 'tis interesting how odours are more pronounced in the hot weather. The big question last night, in our house, was whether a mouse, brought in by the cat, had died in the vicinity. In the coolth of morning, it is not such an urgent question.

  5. Hmmm. We had a pooey smell outside as well. (no poo though). Maybe something smelly is blowing around Adelaide tonight.

  6. Ok, even a baby stinky diaper isn't going to carry like that. Wonder if something got in the vents??

  7. As long as it's not one of our blogs stinking up the atmosphere. lol.

  8. OOoh, not nice ...... Sapphire's bathroom has had the same smell for weeks now, so I'm waiting on a call from the land agent to get the pipes checked. We've done the drano and rinse routine so many times and kept it as clean as we can but it smells just awful now....

    The only consolation I have over you is that our weather is cooler - so I hope your smell goes as quickly as it came!

  9. FruitCake; not a blowfly in sight, nor within hearing.

    Tempo; the smell disappeared in about 15 minutes. Possibly the smell was coming through the plumbing, the pipes are all connected.

    EC; it cleared quickly and last night I was thinking the same thing about how bad it must be at the source.

    Christine; do a search anyway in case there is a mouse. You don't want the same smell cropping up tonight.

    Sarah; Norwood is notorious for sewer air especially in the summer. I'm glad I don't live there anymore. But this was a much....er...riper smell.

    Happy Elf Mom; there are no vents that I know about, possibly the odour was coming through the plumbing since we're all linked.

    Delores; A stinky blog? i don't think I've ever come across one of those.

    Kath Lockett; I had my toilet "snaked" within a week of moving here because of a "backwash" problem. I'd flush and things would disappear, but within half an hour the water would be yellow again, and sometimes bits of solid matter would return. There wasn't any blockage, so now I flush again for "bits" and just put up with the yellowish water. I hope yours gets sorted sooner rather than later.

  10. Hi River,

    Cat poo!

    That is the worst smell on the planet and I can only imagine how much worse it is in the summer in Oz.




  11. Plasman; cat poo is usually confined to gardens here and most cats bury it so it's not a big problem.


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