public service announcement.... people riding on the buses.

If you're sitting in one of those seats at the front that face backwards into the rest of the bus, this message is for you.

If you are going to yawn wider than your home garage, (or even yawn at all), please, please, cover your mouth with your hand.

I don't care if that means you have to stop playing with your i-phone for two seconds.
I have no wish to see your tonsils.

Thank You.


  1. Perhaps you should make a regular bus etiquette post.

  2. You're sounding like Miss Goldsworthy.

    Maybe you've sent off to California for one of those $49.00 PhD's?


    Should we be calling you "Doctor" now?

  3. You might also suggest that they keep their knees together. Yuch!!!

  4. GROSS!!!

    I don't know what's happened to basic manners.

  5. oh yes. why oh why is it not LAW that everyone must carry a large clean cotton handkerchief at all times to suppress the spread of sneeze/cough germ spray also. This would save the GNP million$ pa.
    Grumpy Old Woman, Ballarat, Vic.

  6. I was taught to cover my mouth with my hand when i yawned, sneezed or coughed by my parents and i was even taught these manners in school which is basic good manners that are sadly lacking these days.

    I agree with ANNE O'DYNE that everyone should carry a large clean cotton handkerchief at all times and i have done so for over 40 years it comes in handy and is cheaper than a box of tissues :-).

  7. Andrew, Ann O'Dyne, Robert:

    The Old Firm.

  8. What is WITH people these days thinking that yawning without a hand covering their mouth is ok??! I'm with you, E. I have noticed a lot of that business in recent years.

    And no. I am neither old nor fuddy-duddy!

  9. Manners are a thing of the past, what about the Mum's that leave theri kids sitting while adults stand? Good on You E, great post. Thank YOU too for your lovely comments about me being featured at Mel's Friends of Suger Style ;)

  10. I don't want to see your tonsils and only your dentist needs your mouth open long enough to count your fillings. And while I am at it: Don't chew with your mouth open. In fact, while you are on the bus don't chew at all. Have a nice day. Your stop is the next one.

  11. Andrew; bus etiquette? There's really not much in that apart from covering yawns, coughs and sneezes, standing to give a seat to someone elderly or injured, not talking so loudly on your phone that the whole bus can hear every detail. That's about it. Oh, and don't eat or drink on the bus.

    R.H. who is this Miss Goldsworthy?
    I'll never buy a PhD, I'd prefer to earn it the regular way, but I'm not that smart. I'm clever in other ways.

    Delores; that would be a tough one, I sit with knees apart myself. Not wide apart like some men do, but relaxed enough to be comfortable. The seats are uncomfortable enough without locking my knees together and then trying to balance as we go around corners.

    Toni; the days of "don't inhibit your child, let them be free spirits", that's what happened to basic manners.

    Ann O'Dyne; that would be a great law. The trouble is not many people even own a hanky anymore, they're seen as gross germ carriers and it's all tissues now, but even using a tissue to cover up would be acceptable in the case of coughs and sneezes.

    Windsmoke; I was taught the same things at home and in the first two years of school. I taught my children the same.

    R.H. include me in the old firm. I carry a hanky always and a few tissues as well.

    Being Me; I'm thinking that you're probably one of those that still covers yawns and teaches the kids the same. Thank You.

    Cherie; you're welcome. Manners need to be re-instated somehow. The question is, how? Those of us who still set a good example are often laughed at as being old-fashioned etc.

    EC; yes, another one. Chewing with the mouth open! People shouldn't be eating on the bus in the first place. Although chewing gum probably doesn't count as eating, they should still keep the mouth closed.

  12. Here's mine: Please select the seat nearest the window unless you want my arse brushing against your face when I have to squeeze past you!

  13. Don't be so curious, she's a minor critic on a little newspaper.

  14. This'll cheer you, I'm still riding the motorbike over. -Providing I can park it in the living room.
    How wide is your front doorway?


  15. And here's mine... On a full bus, tram or train, don't put your bag on the seat next to you so that no-one else can sit down. And get out of the doorway when people are trying to get off.

    I think I am either turning into a grumpy old woman or, finally, speaking my mind!

  16. oh Christine: re 'bag on next seat' - on a bus once I heard a seat-searching woman ask the bag owner "does that bag have a ticket?" ... and it made me think I should buy my bag a ticket next time I make the 90-minute train trip to Melb, just to keep SMELLY people away from me.
    That brings me to another PSAnnouncement:
    Do smokers realise they must change their clothes frequently to avoid offending others?
    Jackets infused with stale acrid smoke just make my stomach turn.

  17. Hear, hear, I'm with you, E, there's no need to see what dental work they've had done, it's just plain rude and ignorant behaviour.

  18. sleepydwarf; thank you.

    Kath Lockett; I always choose a window seat, then hope like heck no one sits next to me so that I don't have to brush past them on my way out.

    R.H. the front doorway opens smack onto another wall. you'd have to ride in through the back porch gate and park the bike there.

    Christine; I'll often have my bag on the seat next to me because my bus rarely fills up, but if many more people than usual get on I will move it to between my feet.

    Marshall Stacks; clothes infused with that kind of stench have me covering my nose and mouth with my hanky for the entire trip. I don't care how odd I look, I rather NOT have an asthma attack or a migraine.

    Jayne; probably more ignorant than rude, manners just aren't taught these days. covering the mouth just doesn't occur to people.

  19. And here's mine ... if you're likely to be on a crowded bus in summer, please wear deodorant in case the air conditioning fails!

  20. What? You're asking me to enter through the tradesman's door.

    Like hell!- i'll bring hammers and we'll knock the wall down.


  21. aaaargh simple manners and etiquette fails give me the shits.

    Add to your little rant:
    "To the man visiting his wife in emergency, COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH". It's emergency, it's a hospital, it's already germy enough you pillock.


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