the first moon...

...for 2012

Taken from my front porch at 9pm on January 1st 2012.
Look how blue the sky still is!
It was gradually darkening, but didn't become black until almost 10pm.

At least the air was breathable by then, when I stepped outside earlier to give my potplants some water I felt like I'd stepped into an oven.
That kind of heat just takes your breath away.

43 degrees Celsius. I no longer remember what that is in Fahrenheit, but damn! it's hot!


  1. Arrrgghh!!! 43C..!!! Memories of that terrible day a couple of years ago when the fires happened! I hope there are not too many more of these. Evenings are a great relief at the moment. Lovely image of the moon and the stillness of the evening.

  2. Between 109 and 110 degrees farenheit....that's unreal. But what a beautiful blue night sky. We were dark early here tonight because it's so overcast (around 4:30pm).

  3. It looks like it could be sunrise!

    I went out about 11 and it wasn't too bad. Didn't want to stay out though.

  4. When i seen on the news last night you'd had 43 degrees yesterday i knew we would be in for the same today sure enough 40 degress. I'll be out early for my morning walk before the heat sets in :-).

  5. Beautiful moon. I am so so sorry for you about the heat issue though. It is only (only) 35 here today and that is about ten degrees too hot for me. I hope it cools down quickly.

  6. Delores; temps. between 35C and 43C, that's fairly common here in our Aussie summers, the heat and the glare really knock me around. On days that I don't work I spend a lot of time sleeping with the fan directly on me. We've been known to get as high as 47C in some areas. I prefer 23C-25C which converts to 73F to 77F.

    Sarah; at 11 I was in bed, by just after midnight I heard a breeze spring up so opened the window a crack and found it was cool, but that didn't last, by morning the wind was warmer and now, at 3:10pm it's a hot wind. UGH!!

    Windsmoke; I'm not doing any early morning walking or riding for thta matter. The heat headache has set in. It won't ease much until I spend a few hours at work tomorrow in the airconditioned cool of Coles.

    EC; I rarely get a decent moon shot. Only 35 where you are? Lucky you, although I agree 25 would be SO much better.
    About the asiatic lilies--the flowers themselves are okay, the problem is those clumps of brown pollen on the end of each stamen. Snip those off and I have no trouble at all.

  7. I am counting down the days till my birthday cause usually the heat dies down just after it.

    I HATE summer. Anything over 28 and I am whimpering like a baby.

    43... DAYUM

  8. Kelley; email me your birthday so I can red circle it on the calendar. Then I'll clink ice cubes in your honour. My favourite temp is 23. This heat makes me bloated and headachy.

  9. Hi River,


    Crikey. Here, today, it is ONE DEGREE.


    In fact the highest we ever get here is 30 degrees in the "summer".

    Bloody Hell.




  10. Oh, I do get you River - I was watching the same moon at the same time in Melbourne at midnight and it was haunting. The heat was cooking the moon that night.

    A very happy new year to you.


  11. Plasman; 30 degree summers! Is that Celsius or Fahrenheit? No wonder English people drop like flies when they get off the plane here!

    Pandora; It was a very pretty moon wasn't it? But so hot....
    Happy New Year to you too.


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