journey to the abyss

When I was in town last, I spotted a display case outside one of the department stores.
Inside was a red and white crab of quite large dimensions.

There were leaflets advertising the South Australian Museum's latest exhibition.

Titled "Journey to the Abyss", the exhibition features over 90 real deep-sea specimens with supporting information, hands-on investigation stations and a full-sized, interactive submarine ideal for junior explorers.

More of the blurb reads:

"Did you know that more people have been to space than to the bottom of the ocean?
(personally, I did not know that)
In Journey to the Abyss, the South Australian Museum invites you to experience life in the cold, dark depths.

Discover an isolated wilderness thatis home to some of the most surprising and captivating creatures: some scary, some cute, and all fascinating."

Did you notice that bit that says "cold, dark depths"?

Sounds to me like a good place to be. Somewhere, anywhere, in the cold, dark depths.
Anyone who knows me, knows that this is the sort of thing I say every summer.
(give me the winter!  let's  move somewhere cooler!  how about we visit a snowbound cave in Alaska!)

Well, since I don't have a chance in hell of our summer suddenly turning cold enough to keep me happy, I'll settle for a cool museum, with exhibits from the cold, dark depths of the oceans.

The show is on from 17 December 2011 (hey, that's last year already!) to 12 March 2012.
Tickets are $13 for adults; $7 for children under sixteen; $30 for a family ticket.
A concession ticket is $10.

I'll be taking my camera, but I don't think taking photos will be allowed. .
I think they'd much prefer to have paying customers coming in, instead of everybody and his uncle seeing the exhibits through photos on the internet.
And fair enough too. The cost of bringing and maintaining the exhibition is probably quite high and on top of that profits must be made.


  1. It's a great museum and I've spent more than a few days wondering about in the labyrinth. I'd love to see that exhibition but more than likely I'll miss it. We never hear about these things until after the event...they could/should spend a bit of our taxpayers money to let the whole state know whats going on and not just the city...

  2. I am so with you about summer. Bring back winter I start saying in about November each year.
    It would/will be fascinating and the prices seem quite fair.

  3. That does sound quite interesting. Wonder if the exhibition will come here? As EC says, the price is reasonable. Perhaps you should do more hours at work and stay cool.

  4. Just to add, I don't think internet photos discourage people from seeing things. They may well encourage people.

  5. OH that sounds REALLY interesting. We visited 'your' museum a couple of years ago and we were all fascinated by the giant squid in the old elevator shaft!!

  6. Tempo; it's on until March 12th, plenty of time for you to get down here and see it if you can.

    EC; come and join me in a snowbound cave on the northernmost tip of Greenland.

    Andrew; If I could I would. But four hours of standing and lifting per day is as much as my feet and back can take. Check with your museum, maybe it will go there. Usually things get to the Eastern states first though. I'll have the camera with me just in case. And I will ask first about taking photos.

    Toni; giant squid?? I missed that!

  7. Love the SA museum and where it's located. 'Cold, dark depths' eh? You could always take up residence in our 'cave' (cellar storage) if you like!

  8. It's sweltering here in Melbourne for the past days too. But if that exhibit was here, I wouldn't mind braving through the heat. Keep cool!

  9. a move to Gippsland where the cold is much more common than the heat could be for you. We've had a week of 30+ and next week we could have storms and 19 again. The best place to live if you love the cold. I rarely turn on the aircon all year!


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