one of my favourite aromas

and I suspect yours too... that of bread and pastries baking.

That's why I always enjoy walking past (and lingering near) places like this>>>

The Hot Bread stall at Adelaide's Central Market.
This isn't the only bread stall there of course, but it is the only one called Hot Bread.

It offers a range of delights, such as this above, whatever it is, I have no idea, there were no labels.
Well, not on this basket anyway.

Cheesy croissants.

Cinnamon Swirls. A firm favourite of mine for many years now.
Behind them, Maple Pecan Plaits, another favourite, but too sweet to eat too often.
Stay tuned for another little part of Adelaide's Central Market soon.


  1. LOVE Central Market. Only visited it the once, on our weekender to Adelaide not long before I fell pregnant with Miss 5 (I had been in Tanunda (?sp) a couple of days before on a conference at Maggie Beer - I worked in food distribution and many of our producers were South Australia based).

    Sadly, I lost the ability to smell bread shops for a long time after working in one for 4 years. It is a very wonderful aroma and I am glad to appreciate it again :)

  2. Love that bakery smell....I can feel the weight just sticking to my hips with every breath I inhale.

  3. Nom nom nom nom nom nom
    The smell of fresh bread is delicious, I think I manage to inhale 3 loaves, a dozen cheese rolls and umpteen crossiants everytime I pass our local bread shop.

  4. It would make an amazing perfume/aftershave too. Who could resist someone who smelt like freshly baked bread.

  5. Yummmmmm. I love the smell of fresh baked bread too.

  6. permanently amanda; can you believe I've never been to Tanunda?
    I wouldn't dare work in a hot bread shop, I'd be eating all the profits.

    Delores; perhaps you could take shallow breaths instead.

    Jayne; I love croissants. I allow myself about four per year. So far I'm up to year 2030.....

    EC; we should sell the idea to perfume companies.

    no-one; I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't.

  7. Yum! We have a small specialist bakery that opens about 6am and fills the street with those wonderful smells. Sadly it's still closed for their Christmas break and you've made me all hungry for that smell

  8. *drools*
    I wonder why no one has ever tried to replicate that smell, whether it be in perfume form or something else.

    WV - defrozed LOL!

  9. Be still, my beating heart ... I LOOOOOVE bakeries - but I'm IN love with the smell of hot bread!!

  10. Yep, one of the best smells ever. You'd love the smells in the boulangeries and supermarkets here, River. They truly do make the best bread in the world.

    In fact because we had a huge Asian noodle lunch (celebrating that we'd found a place that wasn't afraid to fully embrace Asian spices and herbs) we're having fresh bread and a cheese selection for dinner tonight. :)


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