it's been a funny sort of day

The weather was hot, (cooling down now), but not humid at all, so overall, not too bad.

But I felt like I wasn't me, or possibly just half of me, a shadow of myself.
I began to wonder if my mind had stayed home, sound asleep on its little pillow.

Did my shift at work pretty much on auto-pilot, came home and veg-ed out on the couch for a while, then made coffee and checked the TV guide.

Can you believe there's not a single thing on TV that I want to watch?

There's tennis, no thank you.
There's cricket, I'd rather watch paint dry.

There's a couple of movies a bit later, both of which I've already seen.
One that I wouldn't watch again if you paid me, (of course that would depend on how much you paid me....on second thoughts, no thanks).
The other starts later, almost at my bedtime, so that's out too.
I have that one on dvd though, so when I'm in the mood for it, I'll watch it.
Just not today.

Instead, I have the I-pod playing while I type this and munch leftover pizza for dinner.
It's very yummy pizza, with tomato, cheese, capsicum, olives, a little oregano....mmmmm.

I'll be in bed early tonight, hopefully tomorrow, body and mind will be as one again.


  1. I went through the TV guide a few hours ago and found the same thing.. Tuesday the 17th seems to have fallen into a TV black hole..
    I'm busy ripping movies so I've got something to do...

  2. I feel the same way in hot weather, just not quite here.
    I save up my dvds and my books for the cricket/tennis madness.

  3. Tempo; if I rip any more movies I'll have to add a room....

    JahTeh; tennis/cricket madness. You've described it perfectly. I think I'll start watching from A to Z, although I don't actually have a Z movie yet.

  4. Same here, nothing really rivetting, males have commandeered the History channel to watch Big Dig about a huge fish fossil, head was 6 metres long.

  5. could send your unwanted and unwatched Aussie Open tennis telecast over here. Not on any TV stations that I've searched so far... :(

  6. Jayne; that's some fish! You'd need a lot of chips.....did they mention what type of fish it was? Maybe some kind of prehistoric sturgeon? I believe they grew to large sizes.

    Kath Lockett; I would if I could. Maybe you know some one ( could record them and send to you? My player doesn't record, it's watch only.

  7. The heat leaches my brain away too. And I am so with you and JahTeh on the cricket/tennis thing. I don't care who won. I don't care who is playing who. I just don't care.

  8. Some days we just aren't fully invested in the normal procedures. Our hearts aren't "in it" as the saying goes. Hope tomorrow you are back on track.

  9. T.V. around this time of the year tends to be boring with all the repeats so i just grab a book and start reading :-).

  10. EC; when I say I don't care to people at work they're all shocked. Even more so during football season.

    Delores; I certainly hope so, I much prefer being a "whole" person.

    Windsmoke; this is the time I have another go at books that I haven't been able to get into, usually they look interesting, but the first chapter just doesn't "grab" me.

  11. Yep agree with you about TV except for ABC, it's Tennis, stupid sitcoms or a plethora of crime things from the US and more post mortems than you can poke a stick at. That's summer programming for you.

  12. Baino; I don't mind the US crime shows, but they're all repeats at this time of year, so I've either already seen them, or I've bought the dvds. I wish the ratings season was longer. Still, I get to catch up on some reading.


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