Sunday Selections # 53

Welcome to another Sunday Selections day.

If you'd like to join in the rules are so very simple!

Search your computer files for old photos that have been languishing unseen,
(or for something newer that you haven't used yet),
post them under the Sunday Selections title and link back to Kim from Frog Ponds Rock.

Then go to Frog Ponds Rock and add your name to Kim's linky list and leave her a comment.

Here is my selection for this week, a few more photos of a stall at Adelaide's Central Market.

A Taste of Marrakech.
This is the spice stall for those wanting a genuine middle eastern flavour in their food.

On this stand a range of whole and ground spices are displayed in bowls and jars.
I haven't looked too closely at them, because I don't often use these flavours.
Most of my food is quite bland.

On the other side of the stall is row upon row of fruits and vegetables, whole, sliced, halved, and pickled with assorted spices.
The jars look very pretty, I like the shapes. I've always had a thing for nice jars.

I'll be leaving the Central Market alone for a while now, I don't want any of you getting bored with my photos.
(what, she's at the market again? pfft!)


  1. Now I realise that I need more jars!!!

  2. No, no, no. I could never get tired of market photos. As many as you want, whenever you want.
    These are brilliant. My smaller portion would have gone some way towards emptying the shelves at A Taste of...

  3. Maid River:

    Life's a bore
    'Cepting for
    A taste of thou.


  4. I saw a movie once called Mistress of the Spices (I think). It was about a woman who opened a spice store in the US, visually beautiful, the story was ok as was the acting but nothing special... just the visuals and I loved the meaning behind all the spices...

  5. We bought some stuff there a little while ago, when the boy decided to make some fancy middle eastern dish. The staff were very pleasant.

  6. Frogdancer; find your nearest Reject Shop, they have glass jars in assorted sizes with screw top lids starting from $1 each for the 500ml size.

    EC; I'll have to get back there soon then and take more photos.

    Lord Rochester; that's sweet.

    Gaby; I didn't know that spices had meanings.

    no-one; that's good to know in case I ever want to buy something there.

  7. I can just smell the aroma of the spices although i'm not really into middle eastern dishes. Bring on more market photos don't hold back :-).

  8. I, for one, could never get tired of market photos! I also love things in jars too, especially if they're a bit weird!!

  9. Windsmoke; I've always liked the smell of curry spices, maybe I should buy them there and make my own curry blend. They do say curry is good for you. I'll have to get back there and take more photos.

    Fenstar; you'd probably like the pickled three-faced kitten we had in our high school lab then. I'll get more market photos as soon as I can. I have a few more in the files, probably two more posts worth.

  10. I love your photos and instantly wanted 'smellovision' to magically occur so that I could inhale all those spices you found.

    I'm doing a Sunday Selections today too. :)

  11. Not boring at all!

    I love very exotic looking products, but often haven't a clue what to do with them. I do very occasionally buy things solely for the nice packaging though. There's a confession for you, hehe.

  12. I miss my family visits to the markets. My dad was an Adelaide boy and knew the markets very well. When we were in town he would take us through the old dark alleys showing us the hidden marvels, I particularly remember the smells

  13. Hi River,

    Mrs PM loves spicing up food and would have a field day in that place.




  14. I saw that movie too, it was sweet, she kept trying to make people fall in love.

    I love the photo of all the pickles! Great tones there.

  15. I couldn't get bored of market photos either!

    I would love to be able to smell all of those spices, I don't remember seeing anything like that at any of the markets i have been to.

  16. Never Boring River. I like seeing what you see. :)

  17. Kath Lockett; you're doing a Sunday Selections?? I'll be right over! Well, as soon as I answer these comments.

    Carolina; I'm in the same boat. They look and smell so terrific, but what to do with them?

    Tempo; the markets and surrounding areas have been cleaned up somewhat, sanitised you might say. still and interesting place with many exciting stalls, but the atmosphere you experienced as a child won't be there.

    Plasman; send her down. With lots of cash and an empty suitcase.

    Linda; I haven't seen the movie, actually never heard of it until Gaby mentioned it.

    permanently amanda; you'll have to visit Adelaide then. Like Kath Lockett said, smellavision would be great.

    frogpondsrock; thanks. I like seeing Tassie through your eyes.


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