Whimsical Wednesday #7

Whimsical Wednesday has rolled around again.
I can't believe how fast the weeks are passing!
January is very nearly over already, only three and a half months before the cooler weather begins to arrive.
I can't wait.....

Anyway, here is today's giggle.

and here is today's thank you to all the lovely people who put these images out into the internet for me to find and use.
Thank You.


  1. I love this picture. And your poem, especially in light of your entry yesterday. Or. Wait. Actually I am writing into the future, which is kind of fun for me!

    I wonder how your today will be for me when tomorrow comes?

  2. It's not Wednesday here yet but I love Barnacle Bill the Marshmallow pirate.

  3. There's nothing like hot chocolate and marshmallows yummmy :-).

  4. Cute! People may generally like to knock the internet, but it's shown what evil, funny, sweet, talented people are out there....

  5. Love it. Thank you for finding them to share, and thank you from me to their clever creators.

  6. Now send me a packet of Pascall's pink and white marshmallows immediately.
    Forget the cocoa.

  7. JeanetteLS; today is a much better day. The breeze is cooler, even more so now that the sun is down. And work was so very busy the hours just flew by, leaving me feeling as if I'd arrived home again almost as soon as I'd left.

    Delores; I love pirates of any description. The Pirates of the Caribbean are among my favourite movies.

    Windsmoke; it's a winter comfort food, wonderfully soothing.

    Kath Lockett; there are people who knock the internet?? Shame on them!!

    EC; I get much pleasure from doing this and making people smile.

    JahTeh; ummmm, the shops aren't open again until Friday. Can you wait? Scribbles onto shopping list....marshmallows....


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