Whimsical Wednesday

Welcome to another Whimsical Wednesday.

I'd like to remind you that these images don't belong to me, I've borrowed them from google images and I'd like to extend a thank you to whoever puts these gems out there for us to enjoy.

Today's picture?

Eggs gone bad.


  1. That big one must be Tony Soprano.

  2. Delores; you may be right. I was thinking they're all ninjas, but ninjas don't carry rifles...

  3. They look like neighbours of mine.

    Here's a challenge: Make a vanilla slice!

  4. They really look yoked off about something could it be they just heard a really bad yoke :-).

  5. Gotta say though, that the Death Star would be far easier for Luke Skywalker to shatter if it was just made of egg shells! :)

  6. Love them. Thank you. I was thinking of pirates for some reason, then realised that it would be hard to be a pirate if you had patches on both eyes. Some times I think I am silly, and on other days I know it.

  7. R.H. you have egghead neighbours?
    Gun-toting egghead neighbours?
    Why don't I just buy a vanilla slice?

    Windsmoke; ha ha, that's really funny.

    Kath Lockett; true, but that would make a much shorter movie.

    EC; I think they're meant to be very black sunglasses, like the ones the "Men in Black" wear.

  8. R.H. you're probably right, certainly I've never tried. I'll search out some recipes.

  9. LOL
    The best one ever!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Being Me; it certainly made me smile.


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