television antenna towers of last century

Some of you may remember my post of 6/10/10, titled mid-north SA, in which I mentioned the high towers in many back yards around Port Pirie. These had TV antennas attached to them so that we could pick up TV programs from Adelaide.

I'd asked my sister to send me some photos of these if she could, please, and expected her to take her camera on a little walkabout and snap me a few shots.
Well, she didn't.
What she did instead, was hunt up a photo that she knew she had somewhere, finally found it and had it photocopied to send to me.
And then forgot to send it.
Until now.
I got a letter from J yesterday, with photos inside.

Here it is, one television antenna tower, >>>>

I have absolutely no memory of this photo being taken, but that is definitely me and R about two thirds of the way up on the tower, posing for Dad.
And would you look at me wearing a skirt!  That's something I don't do anymore. (nor do I climb TV towers...)

Another photo included was an old school photo, class of 1963.
I won't publish the whole photo as there are people in there who might not want their childhood faces all over the internet, but I've isolated one insanely grinning little face.
It's a little fuzzy, sorry about that. >>>>

This is me, aged either 10 or 11, depending on which end of the year this was taken.
From memory, these school photos were usually taken during first term, but all of us are wearing jumpers or cardigans, so perhaps it was taken during second term. I'll never really know.


  1. What a sweet little girl.

  2. Hi River,

    Great photos :-)

    In fact, coincidentally, I've just acquired a few of myself as a youngster. Not sure whether to post them or not.




  3. Isn't it the weirdest feeling when you see old photos you'd either forgotten about, or had never seen before?
    And the memories that small things bring back are amazing.

  4. And I often don't recognise myself in early photos. Which is a tad embarrassing.

  5. The cityscape was dominated by those we have digital TV they are slowly coming down but there are still a lot.

  6. Plasman; you absolutely have to put them up! Go on, I dare you.

    Toni; I don't remember ever seeing these photos before, I have my grade 3 class photo, but this grade 6 one is new to me. And I've searched in vain for the faces of my few friends, but just don't recognise them, even after comparing the faces with the grade 3 photo.

    EC; I always recognise myself. I'm either insanely grinning which is what I do when I'm nervous, or my head is tilted to my right.

    Tempo; I remember there weren't too many homes that didn't have a tower by the time I left Port Pirie in 1968. Did you have one and did you climb it?

  7. Gorgeous legs in the first photo (which would make a great retro poster - there'd be heaps of galleries and groovy cafes who'd proudly hang it up on their wall) and your lovely face and SMILE in the second one - stunning, River, stunning!

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  10. Aren't you just gorgeous, up high and down low.

  11. It'd take a brave person to wear skirts AND climb TV towers!! Who knows? Perhaps one day you'll take it up again!!

    While I've worn skirts (although can't recall the last time), I've never climbed a TV tower, so you're one up on me!!!

  12. Kath Lockett; thanks, my mother gave me those legs. Stunning? Thank you again.

    Elisabeth; thank you.

    Red Nomad; I never thought about wearing skirts while climbing, I just climbed. I don't think I'll be taking it up again, there are so few TV towers left...

  13. Cute pics!! Probably you wouldn't be able to get up on those towers. I can't imagine anyone letting you just go climb?

    Maybe better to master the bike thing first. :)

  14. Happy Elf Mom; I wouldn't want to go climbing on them now anyway, I'm much more worried about falling these days. That one was in our own backyard. Mastering the bike is coming along slowly.

  15. As a kid we did have a tower and of course we got in huge trouble when we climbed mother would warn that '...there's nothing soft to land on there...'

  16. Tempo; we climbed when dad was at work, so rarely got in trouble, mum wasn't living with us at the time. When dad found out, that would have been when he made us climb up and took the photo I suppose.


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