10 kilos or 22 pounds, whichever comes first

I've been saying for years that I need to lose weight.
But not making too much effort, the time just wasn't right.
Not because I'm fat, although I am quite plump in areas that shouldn't be, but because I'm carrying too much weight for my smallish bones.
The strain on the joints is showing up as arthritis in too many places to be comfortable with.

The trouble with dieting is that I just love to eat. And eat and eat...you get the picture.
Every now and again though, I lose that urge to stuff myself.
 (Last time this happened was sometime back in the 80's)
I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but in smaller portions and don't go back for seconds.
Dessert holds no appeal. Snacking? Pfft!

This magical moment arrived last Friday.
All weekend I haven't eaten as much as I have been for the last eight or so years.
The stomach is feeling a little hollow, but I'm not at all hungry.
There is no chocolate in my house and when I shopped this morning, I didn't even go down that aisle.
I don't want any.
For me, that's the key point.
When I don't want chocolate, I'm ready to stick with the no snacking program.

So I'm thinking 10 kilos shouldn't be so much of a challenge.
Gone by Christmas or even earlier.

I won't be rushing it along though, at my age losing weight too fast would have me looking like a scrawny old chook, going slower gives the skin time to adjust.....I hope.

I won't be hopping on and off the scales either.
I'll be using my favourite (my only) skirt to check how I'm doing.
I haven't been able to zip or button it for eight years.

So that's my goal.
10 kilos or 22 pounds, whichever comes first.


  1. Good luck, I'm cheering from the sidelines.

  2. You can do it! My thyroid krapped out and I gained 30 pounds in two months before a doctor figured it out. Took me two years to lose it, just by eating less. Didn't get much sympahty from the doc, either.

  3. Good luck! Chocolate is my problem and I can't keep it in the house when I am trying to lose weight. Great idea to use your skirt to check your progress :)

  4. Hi River,

    My attempt at losing a few pounds was working - until Christmas. Then I had a relapse. And now it is a battle once again.

    But for a while, it worked. And it will do for you too - of that I am certain.

    You can do it (and I hope I can too).




  5. Took me 12 months plus to lose 30 kilos it was a damned hard slog but worth the effort because i don't suffer from joint pain anymore. I'm still within my Body Mass Index (BMI) of between 75 to 85 kilos. What's your Body Mass Index?. If you don't know your doctor should be able to tell you, good luck :-).

  6. You've inspired me to have another serious go too! I like your 'clothing method' - the scales are SO off-putting!

  7. And I can't wait to see a photo of you in that skirt!!!

  8. Good luck. I am starting back into some more serious exercise to see if that will help. You have so much discipline I am sure that you will succeed.

  9. Delores; thanks for the cheers.

    Joanne; Thyroids are one of those things you never notice, until they don't work, like knees. 30 pounds in two months is a lot! Your doctor should have been more sympathetic.

    Tina; I love chocolate and eat it almost everyday, but I'm not addicted and can easily go without.
    When I don't even want to buy it, that's the clue that I'm ready to not snack.

    Plasman; Christmas does that to everyone! Just get back on the wagon..

    Windsmoke; 30 kilos in 12 months is pretty good, slow and easy is usually the best way. I have no idea what my body mass index is and don't really care.

    Red Nomad; I just want to feel more comfortable within my clothes, and take some strain off my joints. And tight waistbands are so restricting! I like to still breathe when I sit down!

    Jennifer Kay; photos there shall be! I remember when I first bought the skirt, it fitted so well, even slipping off my waist a bit towards my hips.

    EC; I'm not one for exercising. I think the work I do, plus some bike riding and the walking to and from bus stops and shops should be enough. For me, exercising usually sees me tearing some muscle or other and having to lay around on cushions to recover.

  10. Good onyer, River and I wish you the best of luck. I like your wisdom in going slowly and not hopping on and off the scales.

    And, no-one wants to look 'scrawny.' And don't deny yourself a treat every now and then if you want one....

    I've got probably six kilos to lose but in this cold snap, I just can't step away from the chocolate, the fondue, the bread, the wine, the pasta.... that's my (current) excuse anyway!

  11. I'll be rooting for you, River. I have far more to lose than that, and it must be very, very slow because I cannot be upright for more than several hours a day--exercise is limited. But I agree that slowly is the way it stays off! The changing of our mindset and its relationship to food IS the most important first step I think.

    You will succeed, I've no doubt.

  12. Kath Lockett; treats have been worked into the program, no worries about that! On really hot days I won't be denying myself icecream, it will just be a smal bowl instead of half the container.

    JeanetteLS; my upright time is limited too, but not as much as yours. I find I have to constantly change between sitting, standing, lying down and walking around the flat. Just so that my back doesn't stiffen up too much. Then there's working several hours a day and riding the bike a bit, but not so much now that days are too hot.

  13. Now that sounds a fine plan! Good luck - no snacking is a sure-fire way to save calories.

  14. Liz Hurley's breakfast is a glass of water with lemon juice in it. She said so on Twittr.
    I laughed at this until I found out I have gout and the same breakfast is a way to control it. I lost 3 kgs in a week. It was such a surprise.
    Then I went on a holiday with 2 friends and put them back on.
    Starting over, and good luck to you too.

  15. Yes, you have me inspired too. Slowly seems to be the way..

  16. Being Me; the snacking is the easiest thing to cut out, since I don't snack because I'm hungry, I just snack because it's a habit I've gotten into while watching TV.
    Meal portion sizes are my downfall, so I've cut those in half too.

    Ann O'Dyne; I like water with lemon in it. In the summer when I drink more water, I'll often add a strip of fresh lemon peel to the glass or sippy bottle, sometimes I'll add whole lemon wedges too.

    Christine; slowly is always better than crash dieting.


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