pancake face!

It's Shrove Tuesday and we all know what that means, don 't we?

It's time to eat-------->


Today, and today only, you are officially allowed to stuff your face with pancakes.

Of course you can eat them on other days, but you should probably control your intake a little.
No face stuffing.
That's only for Shrove Tuesday.

And broken hearts.
And recovering from the mumps.

Do you eat yours with butter and maple syrup?


  1. On the rare occasions I eat them (and not Shrove Tuesday) I like them with lemon and sugar.
    Good luck at the dentist.

  2. I love pancakes with maple syrup...also good as a jam sandwich. Sadly the hubby does NOT like them so I never make them anymore.

  3. Thank goodness it is Monday afternoon here. Good to know that tomorrow I may stuff my face with impunity. I'll have to limit the intake, but still I can stuff my face, if not my stomach.

    I like this time lag a lot!

  4. All the butter and all the maple syrup they can hold. It sorta of drips through the fork back onto the plate. Ambrosia.

  5. The Pancake Alien use your favourite fruit to make the eyes, nose and mouth fun for everyone :-).

  6. EC; I like lemon and sugar too, it's what we always had as kids, before maple syrup came on the scene.

    Delores; make them just for yourself then. Hubby can work the toaster surely? You can't go the rest of your life without a pamcake here and there.

    JeanetteLS; you're going to stuff your face without swallowing? Poor pancakes.

    Joanne, then using your finger to scoop and lick the syrup off the plate. Only at home of course, wouldn't dream of doing it at a cafe or pancake parlor.

    Windsmoke; Pancake Alien, I wish I'd thought of that for my title.

  7. lemon and sugar for sweets, but I also love pancakes with bacon and apple, or with tomato and cheese.

  8. My girlfriend licks the plate in cafes. She's gone Goth.

  9. Agree with R.H., recipe please! Ta!

  10. Lemon and sugar, Maple Syrup is way too sickly sweet for my taste. (cant eat it)

  11. Lemon and sugar or Golden Syrup, depending on my mood.
    About to go mix up a batch for tea ;)

  12. Toni; bacon and apple? Tomato and cheese? Those are combinations I've never heard of with pancakes before. I can picture bacon on the side as breakfast, but not the others.

    R.H. recipe? Ummm, 2 heaped tablespoons of plain flour, 1 heaped tablespoon of SR flour, 1 egg, a slosh of milk (never measured), enough to make a thickish runny mixture, whisk all together with a whisk. Heat a frypan, melt a knob of butter, pour in mixture to make three small pancakes (like in the picture) or two larger pancakes made one at a time. Cook until edges of pancakes are dry, then flip over with spatula and cook the other side. Serve with any topping you prefer.
    Your daughter licks the plate? I like her.

    drb; see above.

    Tempo; lots of people don't like maple syrup. I go through phases where I'll have the butter and syrup, then switch to sugar and lemon, then back again several months later.

    Jayne; oddly enough I find golden syrup much too sweet.

  13. It's crepes here and I haven't had any yet!

    .... Sapphire is having a sleepover on the weekend though and I think that pancakes will be on the breakfast wish list.

    She likes hers with grated cheese and vegemite; I'll take mine with maple syrup (when I can find or afford it), or honey or strawberry jam.

  14. I've grown to like maple syrup, but my preferred pancake-stuffing topping is butter and a little sugar.



  15. Kath Lockett; grated cheese and vegemite? Rolled up like a sausage roll? Sounds interesting....

    Pearl; I have a friend who prefers butter and cinnamon sugar.

  16. That means I have to get two different types of flour, can I just use one? And what's the teaspoon equivalent of a tablespoon, how many?

    Looking forward to the Maid River Cookbook.

    -Robert. OAM.

  17. R.H. you can just use one type of flour, most commonly it's plain flour that's used, adding SR flour makes them a little fluffier, more like MacDonald's hotcakes. Spoons? Hmm, I don't use a measuring spoon, I just use the spoon I'd eat cereal with, the equivalent to one of those is 4 teaspoons. Any cookbook I'd write would be a pinch of this, a dash of that, a splash of something....impossible to follow.

  18. Thanks. I'd use a cereal spoon too, but there's a dessert spoon, and a soup spoon, or are they all the same thing?

    Dash of this, splash of that, is a true artist. There's no formula.

  19. When you said fluffier I thought of Kevin Rudd.

  20. R.H. a dessert spoon is the one I eat cereal with, a soup spoon is rounder in shape and sometimes a little deeper. I'm not sure if they hold the same amount, different styles may hold different amounts. A tablespoon is bigger than both of them, then there's serving spoons.....I'd say try all sizes until you find the mix that suits you best.


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