it's always on the other side

Have you noticed?

When cleaning glass, whether it be doors, panels, partitions, no matter which side you begin cleaning first, the smudges are always on the other side.

Waiting at a bus top?  Doesn't matter which side of the road you're on, doesn't matter which dorection you want to travel, the bus on the other side of the road, going in the opposite direction, always arrives first.

Supermarket checkout queue?  Wander along behind each one, watch to see which is moving along the fastest and join that one with your overloaded trolley. Immediately, or soon after, the queue on the other side will start to move along much faster than the glacier-slow queue that you are now stuck in.

Libraries. When you're after a particular book, or series of stories by a particular author, you'll visit every library within bus trip range, only to discover your city only has one copy (set) of the book(s) you want and it's in another library on the other side of town.

Sales items in a major department store?  Yes, we do have some, but that particular size (shape, colour) is only available in our other store, on the other side of town.

The universe just loves to play with us.


  1. Very observant and so so true.

  2. The line at the register scenario happened to me just yesterday. It is the universe speaking.

  3. Here I thought it was just me! Here on the OTHER SIDE of the world!

  4. It's all so true! As far as the library one though, I go online and you can order what books you want to go to a particular library! It must be the future:)

  5. As our past Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said one day "Life Wasn't Meant To Be Easy" all those are classic examples :-).

  6. And the toast always falls butter side down as well.

  7. You have supermarkets where more than one checkout is open at a time????

  8. From here we have to travel to Port Augusta for Big W specials..I ring to check if theyve got what I hour later when I get there theyve sold out...every time (sigh)

  9. Delores; I notice it most when I'm waiting for a bus to get home. 5 or 6 buses going the other way arrive and leave before the one that will bring me home.

    Joanne; that's a very common happening.

    JeannetteLS; it's a world wide phenomenon.

    Sarah; My daughter used to do that, I can't be bothered. I've taken to visiting "the Book Boys" and buying $5 novels.

    Windsmoke; THAT'S what he meant by that?

    EC; that's why my floors are super clean. no, really! oh okay, I'm lying...

    FruitCake; yes, don't you? The one I work at has 3 express lanes for people with 12 or less items, plus two regular checkouts open and sometimes three if we're busy enough. (At Christmas we open more of them, we have a total of 15 lanes). The supermarket across the road has 15 checkouts and most of those are open every day. Other supermarkets all over town have numerous checkouts open too.

    Tempo; you should ask them to put those things aside for you. Tell them specifically what you want and how many, then give them a definite time that you'll be there. They'll take your name and phone number. We do it here for our customers.


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