on my way out to the washing line.....

......I saw this charming fellow >>>

clinging to the flyscreen I'd put on my back porch gate. 

The screen doesn't stop the insects so much, (there are gaps around the edges of the gate), but it does stop whichever small animal was getting in and peeing on my cabinet.

Well naturally I put down the basket of clothes and went back inside for the camera.

I like the way these insects enjoy watching us as much as we enjoy watching them. He turned his head left and right, copying my moves as I took photos.
Then I opened the gate and put my hand close so he could climb onto my fingers.

I released him onto the ivy which is hanging all along the back fence, the photo is a little blurry because he started climbing straight away.

He was quite large, about six inches long and he looked like he'd recently shed or was about to.
I left him in peace and hung my washing to dry. 


  1. Mother natures critters need a helping hand now and then, well done :-).

  2. It's the little things in life that give such pleasure.

  3. Golly, I thought it was the prime minister.

    Yes indeed, well done.

  4. Those bug eyes are something else. So Kafkaesque, but in a positive way.

  5. Windsmoke; he was wary at first but finally climbed on to my fingers.

    Andrew; yes it is.

    R.H. she isn't that thin.

    EC; he is beautiful. They're one of my favourite insects.

    Elisabeth; now I have to google Kafkaesque.

  6. Well I have to be true to me here so....yuck ick OMG you actually touched that thing....AHHHHHH!!!!!

  7. I get a few of these in the trees as well, I love them and always leave them to do their thing. Of course they eat the bugs that trash our gardens so theyre very good to have. It's nice to see someone treat them with respect.

  8. Delores; they're similar to grasshoppers, crickets and stick insects, not at all scary, not slimy either.

    Tempo; I had many of these in my previous home, new babies as little as an inch long, up to the big adults such as this one here. I was pleased to see this fellow, I was beginning to think there was nothing in this garden but spiders and aphids. I haven't even seen a ladybird.

  9. IS it a praying mantis? I'm afraid of insects but must admit it is so fascinating to see them up close.

  10. Joni Llanora; yes, a praying mantis. Not to be confused with a stick insect, which is thinner, more "sticky" looking. Google some images and see the difference.


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